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escrito, -a
participio ver escribir
1. written
  • por escrito, -a in writing
  • estaba escrito, -a que acabaría mal (figurative) it was fated o destined to end badly
masculine noun
2. text (texto, composición); document (documento); writing, work (obra literaria)
  • envió un escrito, -a de protesta al ayuntamiento he sent a letter of protest to the council
written; in writing
examen escrito written exam; lo escrito arriba what has been said above
1 (also texto escrito) writing; (documento) document; (original) manuscript
por escrito in writing; acuerdo por escrito written agreement; agreement in writing; poner por escrito to write down; get down in writing; commit to paper; tomar algo por escrito to write sth down; take sth down in writing; no lo creeré hasta que no lo vea por escrito I won't believe it until I see it in black and white o in writing
2 (Jur) brief
3 escritos (Literat) writings; works
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