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to write

"escribio" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to write
  • hace mucho que no me escribe -> she hasn't written to me for a long time
intransitive verb
2. to write
  • todavía no ha aprendido a escribir -> he still hasn't learned (how) to write
  • escribir a lápiz -> to write in pencil
  • escribir a mano -> to write by hand
  • escribir a máquina -> to type
pronomial verb
1. to write to one another (personas)
2. (palabras)
  • se escribe con “h” -> it is spelled with an “h”

escribir [es-cre-beer']
article & verb transitive
1. To write.
  • Escribir a mano -> to write in longhand
  • Escribir a máquina -> to type
2. To write, to compose literary works (escritor).
3. To write, to tell by letters.
verb reflexive
4. To enrol oneself, to enter one’s name in a register or roll.
5. To keep up an epistolary correspondence.
  • Escribir en la arena -> to bury in oblivion

escribirescrito (participio_de_pasado)
1 [+palabra, texto] to write
escribir a mano to write in longhand; escribir a máquina to type; el que esto escribe (gen) the present writer; (Prensa) this correspondent
2 (en ortografía) to spell
"voy" se escribe con "v" "voy" is spelled with a "v"; ¿cómo se escribe eso? how is that spelled?; how do you spell that?
3 [+cheque] to write out; make out
4 [+música] to compose; write
1 [+dos personas] to write to each other; correspond
escribirse con algn to correspond with sb; write to sb

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