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1. huida (f) evasión (f) (of person); escape (m) (of gas, fluid)
  • to make one's escape escapar, huir
  • escape clause (comercio) cláusula (f) de escape or de salvaguardia
  • escape route vía (f) de salida (de emergencia); (from fire) vía (f) de escape (of criminal)
transitive verb
2. escapar de, librarse de (danger, punishment)
  • to escape somebody's notice pasar inadvertido(a) a alguien
  • her name escapes me ahora no me sale su nombre
intransitive verb
3. escaparse (person, gas, fluid)(from de)
  • to escape from reality evadirse de la realidad
escape [ɪsˈkeɪp]
1 (from detention) fuga (f); (from country) huida (f)
there is no escape from this prison no hay forma de escapar or fugarse de esta cárcel
there was a mass escape from the detention centre there's been an escape in their escape, many refugees left everything behind leaving home, I found, wasn't the simple escape I had imagined
to make one's escape escapar(se)
to make good one's escape she had managed to coil her thick stubby fingers in his shirt collar, ripping it, before he managed to make good his escape she was still asleep when I got up, determined to make good my escape some prisoners were shot, but others made good their escape to [plan] an escape
2 (from injury, harm)
there was no escape from the noise no había forma de escapar al ruido; she saw prostitution as her only means of escape from poverty vió la prostitución como el único medio de escapar a la pobreza
he was looking for a means of escape from bankruptcy
to have a lucky or narrow escape salvarse por los pelos
Liverpool had a narrow escape four minutes before half-time I hear you had a very narrow escape on the bridge
he had a lucky or narrow escape (from death) tuvo suerte de escapar or salir con vida; se salvó por los pelos
3 (from real world) evasión (f)
for me television is an escape a mí la televisión me sirve de evasión
fishing can be an escape from city life an escape from the depressing reality of war there was no escape from the tedium of office life drink was his regular avenue of escape
4 [of water, gas] fuga (f); escape (m)
fire officers were called when there was an escape of gas in the high street
transitive verb
1 (avoid) [+pursuer] escapar de; librarse de; [+punishment, death] librarse de; [+consequences] evitar
they managed to escape capture/detection consiguieron evitar que les capturaran/detectaran
they jumped out of the window to escape the fire saltaron por la ventana para escapar del fuego
they were lucky to escape injury tuvieron mucha suerte de salir ilesos
there was no way I could escape meeting him no había manera de poder evitar verme con él
they left the country to escape the press se fueron del país para escapar de la prensa
he just escaped being run over por poco lo atropellan
he narrowly escaped being killed Major Smallman is said to have jumped down the escarpment with his horse to escape his parliamentarian pursuers they narrowly escaped capture when the house was searched they are allowing torturers to escape punishment the ANC said today that such an amnesty would allow murderers and torturers to escape punishment Dalglish and Joe Kinnear are likely to escape FA punishment for comments made about the referee lies are sometimes used to escape the consequences of actions relatives of those killed in the accident claimed that the law allowed companies to escape from the consequences of their actions companies can't escape tax by going into debt Ronnie broke both legs when he narrowly escaped death in a road accident they only escaped death because a passing motorist dragged them clear A TEENAGE girl escaped certain death in a 400ft cliff fall when her plunge was halted as she crashed into another holidaymaker she was desperate to escape dinner with her boss I narrowly escaped having to talk to that awful man she was looking for a way to escape the cold English winter there was no way of escaping the tight schedule
2 (elude)
his name escapes me no logro acordarme de su nombre; nothing escapes her no se le escapa nada
she was too striking to escape their attention
it had escaped his notice or attention that ... se le había escapado que ...
3 especially (issue from)
a cry escaped his lips dejó escapar un grito
intransitive verb
1 (get away) (gen) escaparse; [+prisoner] fugarse; escapar(se)
to escape from [+prison] escapar(se) de; fugarse de; [+cage] escaparse de; [+danger, harm] huir de; [+reality] evadirse de
he kept me talking and I couldn't escape from him hacía que siguiera hablando y no podía escaparme de él; he wanted to escape from the world for a while quería evadirse del mundo durante un tiempo
a prisoner has escaped from jail in Northern England a herd of cows had escaped from the farm the chickens all escaped from their coop the rabbit escaped from its hutch Tibetans escaping from their Chinese oppressors as the confusion grew, everyone was bent on escaping from the fumes the thousands of refugees that have escaped from Iraq I moved house to escape from those awful neighbours of mine he just wanted to escape from his family for a while to escape [to]... another place, freedom, safety
in winter I think of escaping to the sun en invierno pienso en escaparme a un sitio con sol
he escaped to a neutral country huyó a un país neutral
he saw the women and children escaping to safety as the enemy troops advanced slaves escaping to freedom they've escaped to the other side of the border
she escaped unhurt salió ilesa
he was fatally wounded as he tried to escape to escape [with]
he escaped with a few bruises solo sufrió algunas magulladuras
he was lucky to escape with his life tuvo suerte de salir con vida
they escaped with a warning
2 (leak) [+liquid, gas] salirse
leave a vent open to let moist air escape water was escaping from the dam
3 (issue)
a moan escaped from her lips dejó escapar un gemido; tendrils of hair were escaping from under her hat algunos mechones de pelo le salían por debajo del sombrero
a trickle of blood escaped from one of his nostrils
escape artist (n) escapista (m)
escape attempt (n) intento (m) de fuga
he thought it too dangerous to make another escape attempt they'd taken away her clothes after the escape attempt, too, as a sign of her absolute helplessness
escape clause (n) (in agreement) cláusula (f) de excepción
escape hatch (n) (in plane, space rocket) escotilla (f) de salvamento
escape key (n) (Comput) tecla (f) de escape
escape pipe (n) tubo (m) de desagüe
escape plan (n) plan (m) de fuga
escape route (n) ruta (f) de escape
escape valve (n) válvula (f) de escape
escape velocity (n) (Aer) velocidad (f) de escape
Verb Conjugations for escapar
Gerund: escapando
Participle: escapado
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