transitive verb
1. (general) 
equivocar algo con algoto mistake something for something
equivocar el caminoto take the wrong road
equivoqué la fechaI got the date wrong
pronominal verb
2. (estar en un error) 
a. to be wrong 
3. (cometer un error) 
a. to make a mistake 
te equivocas con tu profesor, no es tan mala personayou're wrong about your teacher, he's not such a bad person
te equivocas si crees que me voy a asustaryou're mistaken if you think you're going to frighten me
se equivocó de nombre/puertahe got the wrong name/door
equivocarse en algoto make a mistake in something
se equivocó en la sumahe got the total wrong
transitive verb
1 (confundir) to get mixed up; mix up
he equivocado las direcciones de los sobres I've got the addresses mixed up on the envelopes; I've mixed up the addresses on the envelopes
equivocar a algn to make sb make a mistake
si me hablas mientras escribo me equivocas if you talk to me while I'm writing, you'll make me make a mistake o you'll make me go wrong
3 (errar)
equivocar el camino to go the wrong way; to make the wrong choice
pronominal verb
equivocarse (no tener razón) to be wrong; be mistaken
te equivocas, eso no es así you're wrong o mistaken, it isn't like that; si crees que voy a dejarte ir, te equivocas if you think I'm going to let you go, you're wrong o mistaken; me equivoqué muchas veces en el examen I made a lot of mistakes in the exam
(cometer un error) to make a mistake
equivocarse con algn to be wrong about sb
la consideraba honesta, pero me equivoqué con ella I thought she was honest, but I was wrong about her
equivocarse de algo
nos equivocamos de hora y llegamos tarde we got the time wrong, and we arrived late
me equivoqué de puerta me equivoqué de fecha y se me pasó el plazo
se equivocaron de tren they caught the wrong train; se equivocaron de casa they went to the wrong house; perdone, me he equivocado de número sorry, (I've got the) wrong number
Verb Conjugations for equivocar
Gerund: equivocando
Participle: equivocado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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