1. (entirety of the natural world) 
Pollution has an impact on the environment.La contaminación impacta sobre el medio ambiente.
2. (surroundings) 
How do the plants survive in such a hostile environment?¿Cómo sobreviven las plantas en un entorno tan hostil?
We're trying to create an environment of trust and mutual respect.Estamos intentando crear un ambiente de confianza y respeto mutuo.
1. (surroundings) 
a. el entorno (M) 
the environmentel medio ambiente
2. (politics) 
a. no direct translation 
Department or Ministry of the Environmentministerio del medio ambiente
environment [ɪnˈvaɪərənmənt]
1 (surroundings) (gen) entorno (m); ambiente (m); (Zool) (Bot) entorno (m); medio (m)
a safe working environment un entorno or un ambiente de trabajo seguro; a working-class environment un entorno or ambiente de clase trabajadora; to observe animals in their natural environment observar a los animales en su entorno or medio natural; the environment (Ecol) el medio ambiente; measures to protect the environment medidas (f) para proteger el medio ambiente
pollution of the environment
Department of the Environment (Britain) Ministerio (m) del Medio Ambiente
a happy home environment is important for children
2 (Comput) entorno (m)
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