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transitive verb
1. (from one place to another)
a. to send
Mis amigos me enviaron fotos de la fiesta. My friends sent me photos of the party.
Mi mamá envió a mi hermano a que fuera de compras.My mom sent my brother to go shopping.
b. to mail
Yo le envié a mi novio tres cartas por semana. I mailed my boyfriend three letters a week.
c. to ship
El paquete que me enviaron aún no ha llegado.The package they shipped me still hasn't arrived.
transitive verb
1. to send (mandar, remitir) ; to ship (por barco) ; to fax (por fax)
  • te enviaré la información por correo electrónico I'll e-mail the information to you, I'll send you the information by e-mail
  • envíale mis saludos a tu madre give my regards to your mother
2. to send (persona)
  • lo enviaron de embajador they sent him as an ambassador
  • lo enviaron (a) por agua they sent him for water
transitive verb
to send
enviar un mensaje a algn (por móvil) to text sb; send sb a text message; enviar a algn a hacer algo to send sb to do sth; enviar a algn a una misión to send sb on a mission; enviar por el médico to send for the doctor; fetch the doctor
Verb Conjugations for enviar
Gerund: enviando
Participle: enviado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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