1. (admission) 
He was offered entry into the organization based on a recommendation from a friend.Se le ofreció la entrada a la organización en base a una recomendación de un amigo.
The student must meet grade and test requirements for entry to dental school.El estudiante debe cumplir con los requisitos de calificaciones y exámenes para el ingreso a la escuela odontológica.
c. el acceso (M) 
The Turkish military has forbidden entry to Varosha since 1974.El ejército turco ha prohibido el acceso a Varosha desde 1974.
d. el paso (M) 
There is no entry without proper identification.Se prohibe el paso sin la identificación adecuada.
e. no direct translation 
Mention my name upon entry for free drink coupons.Menciona mi nombre al entrar para recibir cupones de bebidas gratuitas.
The dog gained entry by digging under the fence.El perro consiguió entrar escarbando por debajo de la cerca.
2. (portal) 
I'll meet you at 6 pm at the entry to the mall.Te veré a las 6 pm en la entrada del centro comercial.
Let's get to the stadium early so we can avoid the crowds at the entry.Hay que llegar temprano al estadio para evitar el montón de gente en el ingreso.
3. (item) 
Virginia makes an entry in her diary every night.Virginia hace una entrada en su diario todas las noches.
b. el apunte (M) 
He made an entry in the ship's log.Hizo un apunte en la bitácora del barco.
The accountant is reviewing this week's entries in the ledger.El contador está revisando las anotaciones de esta semana en el libro de contabilidad.
Can you please explain what the entry for ornamental flowers was for?¿Me puedes explicar por favor de qué se trata la partida correspondiente a flores ornamentales?
This entry doesn't square with the rest of the data.Este asiento no cuadra con el resto de la data.
4. (in a dictionary or an encyclopedia) 
I looked up the entry for "word" in the dictionary.Busqué la entrada para "word" en el diccionario.
5. (competitor) 
There are 10,000 entries in the marathon this year.Hay 10,000 participantes en el maratón de este año.
There were 85 entries in the contest.Hubo 85 inscripciones en el concurso.
1. (way in, act of entering) 
a. la entrada (F) 
2. (into group, organization) 
a. el ingreso (M) 
to gain entry tolograr introducirse en
she made her entryhizo su entrada
3. (of competitor) 
a. el participante (M)la participante (F) 
we had over 1,000 entries for the competitionse recibieron más de 1.000 inscripciones para el concurso
entry form(impreso de) inscripción f
4. (in dictionary, encyclopaedia) 
a. la entrada (F) 
entry [ˈentrɪ]
1 (entrance) (act of entering) (into organization) entrada (f);into en; (into profession) ingreso (m);into en; (access) acceso (m);into a
Britain's entry into the EC la entrada de Gran Bretaña en la CE; she was denied entry into the country le negaron acceso al país; entry into the hall had been forbidden se había prohibido el acceso a la sala
no entry prohibida la entrada; (Aut) prohibido el paso
he gained entry to the house by breaking a window consiguió entrar en la casa rompiendo una ventana
Having gained entry to the vault, the burglars proceeded to open the safe deposit boxes
they opposed France's entry into the war se opusieron a que Francia entrara en la guerra
IBM's entry into the personal computer market was being hailed as a major success they were to vote on the question of U.S. entry into the war A bouncer tried to block her entry, but Ruby was having none of it strict quotas limited Jewish entry into the liberal professions Shearson's entry into merchant banking had been both late and not particularly successful she had been seeking an entry into television for some time
to make one's entry hacer su entrada
de Gaulle made a triumphal entry into the city two days later Diana Ross made her entry in a close-fitting black jacket over a shiny black skirt Bruno was hopping on his toes in the tunnel as he waited to make his entry into the ring
point of entry (into country) punto (m) de entrada
your passport hasn't been stamped at any point of entry
port of entry puerto (m) de entrada
the vehicles are weighed at the port of entry the group's port of entry was Mombasa it's links with Latin America make it a favourite port of entry for drugs from Colombia
(doorway, hall) entrada (f)
she left her cycle in the end-of-terrace entry which was screened from Disraeli Gardens by a group of evergreen shrubs he slipped out of the entry and, like a shadow, lost himself among the cars he turned into the dusty entry behind the row of houses at the entry to the cul-de-sac were two women down alleys and entries he might flit unobserved, but out here he signalled his progress with every step
2 (sth recorded) (in diary) anotación (f); apunte (m); (in account) entrada (f); partida (f); rubro (m); (LAm) (in record, ship's log) entrada (f); apunte (m); (in reference book) entrada (f)
we opened the book at the entry on whales and began to read there were several index entries for people with that surname an 1861 entry in the diary of Samuel Edward Burges her final entry was on 17th July his diary entries were always very detailed what distinguishes double-entry bookkeeping from other systems? Well, as the name suggests, each transaction is recorded twice # as a debit and as a credit Jocard's men tailed him to his hotel, where the entry in the register was his own name in his own hand The log opens with the entry: `11.30 cast off moorings,Brightlingsea Creek he glanced at his watch and made an entry in a notebook
3 (in competition) (total of competitors) participantes (m)
it was the first time since 1934 that the U.S. entry failed to sweep the first four races
(person) participante (m)
the first correct entry pulled from our postbag on January 24 la primera carta con la respuesta correcta que se saque de nuestra saca de correo el día 24 de enero; entries must be submitted by 29 March las cartas/los cuentos/los diseños etc deben llegar antes del 29 de marzo; the winning entry in a writing competition la obra ganadora de un concurso de redacción
the winning entry was Mr Thompson's prize marrow Entries for the showjumping are taken on the day and everyone who achieves a clear round receives a rosette the foreign entries in the 33rd London Film Festival Royal Academy was among 32 entries for the Breeders' Cup Mile confirmed yesterday next Saturday is the final date for entries to The Independent/Fodor's Travel Writing Awards
entry fee (n) cuota (f) de inscripción
The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, is to increase its entry fee from pounds 1 to pounds 3 there are thousands of little pieces of the Adirondack Park, too # There's no entry fee # Anyone can drive in along the spruce-lined roads
entry form (n) formulario (m) de inscripción; impreso (m) de inscripción
entry permit (n) permiso (m) de entrada
Palme's government had just refused an entry permit to one of the PKK's leaders
entry phone (n) portero (m) automático
entry qualifications entry requirements (n) requisitos (m) de entrada
entry word (n) (US) (in reference book) entrada (f)
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journal entry
el asiento
diary entry
anotación en el diario
el reingreso
quick gesture entry
acceso con gesto rápido
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