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transitive verb
1. to distract (despistar)
2. to hold up, to keep (retrasar)
3. to entertain (divertir)
4. to keep alive, to sustain (mantener)
pronominal verb
1. to get distracted (despistarse)
2. to be held up (retrasarse)
3. to amuse oneself (divertirse)
transitive verb
1 (divertir) to entertain; amuse
nos entretuvo con sus chistes mientras esperábamos he kept us entertained o amused with his jokes while we were waiting; hacer punto la entretiene she amuses herself by knitting
2 (retener) to keep; detain (formal)
pues no le entretengo más then I won't keep o (formal) detain you any longer; una vecina me entretuvo hablando en las escaleras a neighbour kept me talking on the stairs
3 (distraer)
entretener a algn to distract sb's attention; uno de los ladrones entretuvo a la dependienta one of the thieves distracted the shop assistant's attention; entretener algo: entretuvieron la espera leyendo they whiled away the time by reading; me tomé una tapa para entretener el hambre I had a snack to take the edge off my hunger
4 (dar largas a)
me está entreteniendo con mentiras para no pagarme he's putting me off with lies so as not to pay me
entretener a los acreedores
5 (mantener) [+ilusiones] to nourish; [+fuego] to maintain
intransitive verb
la tele entretiene mucho TV is very entertaining
pronominal verb
1 (divertirse) to amuse o.s.
se entretenían contando historias they amused themselves by telling stories; they kept themselves amused by telling stories
2 (tardar) to hang about
¡no te entretengas! don't hang about!
no os entretengáis jugando
Verb Conjugations for entretener
Gerund: entreteniendo
Participle: entretenido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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