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entero, -a
1. whole (completo)
  • vi la película entera I watched the whole film
  • el edificio/país entero, -a the entire o whole building/country
  • es de mi entera confianza she has my complete confidence
  • por entero, -a entirely, completely
2. in one piece (sin desperfecto)
  • este cristal está entero, -a this pane hasn't been broken
3. composed (sereno)
  • se mostró muy entero, -a en el juicio he was very composed at the trial
4. upright, honest (honrado)
masculine noun
5. point (stock exchange)
1 (completo) whole; entire
se comió el paquete entero de galletas he ate the whole o entire packet of biscuits; se pasa el día entero quejándose he spends the whole o entire day complaining; es famoso en el mundo entero he's famous the whole world over; he's famous all over the world
por entero wholly; fully; me dediqué por entero a la investigación I devoted myself wholly o fully to research
3 (Matemáticas) whole; integral
4 [+persona] (íntegro) upright; (sereno) composed
un hombre muy entero a man of great integrity; a very upright man; estuvo muy entera durante el funeral she was very composed o she kept her composure during the funeral
5 (And) (Centroamérica) (Caribe) (idéntico) identical; similar
está entero a su papá he's just like his dad; he's the spitting image of his dad
6 (no castrado) entire
1 (Matemáticas) integer; whole number
2 (Com) (Economía) point
las acciones han subido dos enteros the shares have gone up two points
3 (Latinoamérica) (pago) payment
4 (S. Cone) (Economía) balance
5 (Arg) boilersuit
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