intransitive verb
1. (to become fatter) 
a. to gain weight 
Adrián ha engordado desde su accidente. Adrian has gained weight since his accident.
b. to put on weight 
Ana engordó durante el embarazo y no ha podido bajar de peso.Ana put on weight during her pregnancy and hasn't been able to lose it.
c. to get fat 
Miguel engordó cuando dejó de correr. Miguel got fat when he quit running.
2. (to cause weight gain) 
a. to be fattening 
Los palitos dorados de queso engordan.Deep-fried cheese sticks are fattening.
transitive verb
3. (to make fat) 
a. to fatten up 
Inyectan al ganado con esteroides para engordarlos.They inject the cattle with steroids to fatten them up.
b. to fatten 
Hay que engordar las vacas en el otoño para prepararlas para el frío del invierno. We need to fatten the cows in the fall to prepare them for the winter cold.
4. (to inflate numbers) 
a. to swell 
Reportaron los metros cuadrados en lugar de los kilómetros lineales para engordar los números. They reported the square meters rather than linear kilometers in order to swell the numbers.
transitive verb
1. (animal) 
a. to fatten up 
2. (aumentar) 
a. to swell 
intransitive verb
3. (persona) 
a. to put on weight 
he engordado seis kilosI've put on six kilos
4. (comida, bebida) 
a. to be fattening 
transitive verb
1 [+animal, persona] to fatten (up)
2 [+número] to swell; increase
intransitive verb
1 (ponerse gordo) to get fat; (aumentar de peso) to put on weight; (Agr) to fatten;
2 [+comida] to be fattening
3 (enriquecerse) to get rich
Verb Conjugations for engordar
Gerund: engordando
Participle: engordado
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