Engine in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. motor (m) (of car, plane, ship)
  • engine room sala (f) de máquinas
  • engine trouble avería (f) (del motor)
2. locomotora (f) (ferrocarril)
  • engine driver maquinista (sustantivo masculino) (británico)
engine [ˈendʒɪn]
1 (motor) (in car, ship, plane) motor (m)
2 (Ferro) locomotora (f); máquina (f)
facing the engine de frente a la máquina; with your back to the engine de espaldas a la máquina
engine block (n) (Aut) bloque (m) del motor
engine driver (n) (Britain) [of train] maquinista (m)
engine failure (n) avería (f) del motor
engine room (n) (Náut) sala (f) de máquinas
engine shed (n) (Britain) (Ferro) cochera (f) de tren
engine trouble (n)
engine failure See culture box in entry engine.
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