1. (mechanics) 
a. el motor (M) 
I've tried several times, but the engine won't start.Lo he intentado varias veces, pero el motor no arranca.
2. (railway) 
There was a delay because of a malfunction with the engine of the train.Hubo una demora por una avería en la locomotora del tren.
She fixes the engines for the metro when they have problems.Arregla las máquinas del metro cuando tienen problemas.
3. (literary) (machine or instrument) 
a. el ingenio (M) (literary) 
The catapult is a very old engine of war.La catapulta es un antiguo ingenio militar.
1. (of car, plane, ship) 
a. el motor (M) 
engine roomsala de máquinas
engine troubleavería f
2. (railroad) 
a. la locomotora (F) 
engine drivermaquinista mf
engine [ˈendʒɪn]
1 (motor) (in car, ship, plane) motor (m)
2 (Ferro) locomotora (f); máquina (f)
facing the engine de frente a la máquina; with your back to the engine de espaldas a la máquina
engine block (n) (Aut) bloque (m) del motor
engine driver (n) (Britain) [of train] maquinista (m)
engine failure (n) avería (f) del motor
engine room (n) (Náut) sala (f) de máquinas
engine shed (n) (Britain) (Ferro) cochera (f) de tren
engine trouble (n)
engine failure See culture box in entry engine.
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