"engancho" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to couple (agarrar) (vagones); to hitch up (remolque, caballos); to hook (pez)
2. to hang (up) (colgar)
3. (informal) (atraer)
  • enganchar a alguien para que haga algo -> to rope somebody into doing something
4. to land (oneself) (informal) (pillar) (empleo, marido)
5. to hire, to contract (contratar) (Andes, CAm, Mexican Spanish)
intransitive verb
6. to be addictive (informal) (hacer adicto)
  • un videojuego de los que enganchan -> an addictive video game
pronomial verb
1. (prenderse)
  • engancharse algo con o en -> to catch something on
  • se le enganchó la falda en las zarzas -> she caught her skirt on the brambles
  • te has enganchado las medias -> you've caught o snagged your tights on something
2. to enlist, to join up (alistarse)
3. to get hooked (informal) (hacerse adicto)(a on)
4. to sign up (para trabajo) (Andes, CAm, Mexican Spanish)

enganchar [en-gan-char’]
article & verb transitive
1. To hook, to catch with a hook, to accroach (con gancho).
2. To entrap, to ensnare.
3. To decoy into the military service, vulgarly to crimp.
4. To couple, to connect.
  • Enganchar los caballos al coche -> to harness the horses to the carriage
verb reflexive
5. To engage, to enlist or enroll in military service.
6. Engancharse a las drogas, to get hooked (prenderse).

1 (conectar con gancho) (gen) to hook; [+caballo] to harness; [+carro, remolque] to hitch up; (Mecánica) to couple; connect; [+dos vagones] to couple up
2 (atrapar) to nab (familiar)
lo enganchó la policía robando en la joyería the police nabbed him robbing the jeweller's (familiar)
3 (atraer) [+persona] to rope in; [+marido] to land
tras varios años de noviazgo, por fin ha conseguido engancharlo
a mi no me enganchan para cuidar a los niños they're not going to rope me into looking after the children; los programas que más enganchan the programmes which get most people hooked
4 (Mil) to recruit
5 (México) [+trabajadores] to contract
1 (quedarse prendido) to get hooked up; catch;en on; (Mecánica) to engage;en with
el vestido se enganchó en un clavo the dress got caught on a nail; engancharse a la droga to get hooked on drugs (familiar); become addicted to drugs
2 (Mil) to enlist; join up

Verb Conjugations for "enganchar" (go to to hook; to connect)


yo engancho enganché enganchaba engancharía engancharé
enganchas enganchaste enganchabas engancharías engancharás
él/ella/Ud. engancha enganchó enganchaba engancharía enganchará
nosotros enganchamos enganchamos enganchábamos engancharíamos engancharemos
vosotros engancháis enganchasteis enganchabais engancharíais engancharéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. enganchan engancharon enganchaban engancharían engancharán
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