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to turn on

"enciende" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to light (vela, cigarro, chimenea)
  • encender una cerilla -> to light o strike a match
2. to switch on (aparato)
  • enciende la luz, que no veo -> switch the light on, I can't see
3. to arouse (entusiasmo, ira); to inflame (pasión, discusión)
pronomial verb
1. to ignite (fuego, gas); to come on (luz, estufa)
2. to go red, to blush (persona, rostro); to flare up (de ira)

encender [en-then-derr’]
article & verb transitive
1. To light (vela, cigarrillo), to make burn.
2. To set fire to, to set on fire.
3. To heat, to produce heat, to glow.
4. To inflame, to inspirit, to incite. (Metaphorical)
5. To foment a party, to sow discord. (Metaphorical)
6. To switch on, to turn on, to put on (luz, aparato eléctrico).
7. To strike, to light (cerilla).
verb reflexive
8. To fire, to take fire, to be kindled.
  • Encenderse en cólera -> to fly into a passion
  • Encenderse en ira -> to kindle with anger
  • ¡Cuándo se encienden las luces? -> when is lighting up time

1 (prender) [+fuego, cigarrillo] to light; [+cerilla] to strike; [+luz, radio] to turn on; switch on; put on; [+gas] to light; turn on; (Informática) to toggle on; switch on;
2 (avivar) [+pasiones] to inflame; [+entusiasmo] to arouse; [+celos, odio] to awake; [+guerra] to spark off
3 (Caribe) (azotar) to beat; (castigar) to punish
1 (prenderse) to light
¿cuándo se encienden las luces? when is lighting-up time?
2 [+cara, ojos] to light up
3 [+persona] (exaltarse) to get excited; (ruborizarse) to blush; (estallar) to break out
encenderse de ira to flare up with rage; fly into a temper

Verb Conjugations for "encender" (go to to turn on)


yo enciendo encendí encendía encendería encenderé
enciendes encendiste encendías encenderías encenderás
él/ella/Ud. enciende encendió encendía encendería encenderá
nosotros encendemos encendimos encendíamos encenderíamos encenderemos
vosotros encendéis encendisteis encendíais encenderíais encenderéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. encienden encendieron encendían encenderían encenderán
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