empresario, -a
masculine or feminine noun
1. employer (patrono); businessman, (f) businesswoman (hombre, mujer de negocios); impresario (de teatro)
  • pequeño empresario, -a -> small businessman

empresario [em-pray-say’-re-o]
1. 1 The person who undertakes to do or perform, on his own account, some business of great importance. (m)
  • Pequeño empresario -> small businessman
2. Manager of a theater. (m)

empresarioa empresaria
1 (Com) businessman/businesswoman
pequeño empresario small businessman
empresario/a de pompas fúnebres undertaker; mortician; (EEUU)
empresario/a de transporte shipping agent
2 [de opera, teatro] impresario
3 (Boxeo) promoter

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