feminine noun
1. company (sociedad)
  • pequeña y mediana empresa small and medium-sized business
  • libre empresa free enterprise
  • empresa conjunta joint venture
  • empresa filial subsidiary
  • empresa matriz parent company
  • empresa privada private company
  • la empresa privada the private sector
  • empresa pública public sector firm
  • la empresa pública the public sector
  • empresa de trabajo temporal temping agency
  • empresa de transportes haulage firm
2. enterprise, undertaking (acción)
  • se embarcó en una peligrosa empresa he embarked on a risky enterprise o undertaking
EMPRESA DE TRABAJO TEMPORAL The empresa de trabajo temporal (ETT) was first legally permitted in 1994, and agencies of this type have grown rapidly in number. It is thanks to their influence, critics say, that the Spanish labor market has become increasingly casualized, with short term contracts (some as short as five days) now becoming widespread. ETTs are most numerous in the service sector, and tend to attract young workers with few qualifications. The ETT allows a business to expand its workforce without adding to the number of permanent staff, who have the right to redundancy, which is still a substantial expense for a Spanish business. Pressure from trade unions has led to the ending of some of the worst abuses of the system (for example where workers were employed for years on rolling contracts without paid holidays).
1 (tarea) enterprise
empresa libre free enterprise
empresa privada private enterprise
2 (Com) (Economía) (compañía) firm; company
pequeñas y medianas empresas small and medium-sized companies
empresa colectiva joint venture
empresa de seguridad security company
empresa de servicios públicos public utility company
empresa de trabajo temporal temp recruitment agency
empresa fantasma dummy company
empresa filial affiliated company
empresa fletadora shipping company
empresa funeraria undertaker's; mortician's; (EEUU)
empresa matriz parent company
empresa particular private company
empresa pública public sector company
3 (dirección) management
la empresa lamenta que ... the management regrets that ...
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