"empower" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

verbo transitivo
  • to empower somebody to do something -> habilitar or capacitar a alguien para hacer algo

empower [im-paua
  • He’s empowered to sign the contract on my behalf -> está autorizado a/para firmar el contrato en mi nombre
  • To empower somebody/oneself -> investir de poder a alguien/investirse de poder
va. Autorizar, comisionar, habilitar, dar poder; conferirle, otorgarle poderes a (authorize).(Pol., Social.)

empower [ɪmˈpaʊəʳ]
1 (authorize)
to empower sb to do sth autorizar a algn para hacer algo
2 [+women, workers, minorities] atribuir poderes a

Verb Conjugations for "empower" (go to conferir, facultar; fortalecer)


I empower I empowered I will empower
you empower you empowered you will empower
he/she empowers he/she empowered he/she will empower
we empower we empowered we will empower
you empower you empowered you will empower
they empower they empowered they will empower
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