masculine noun
1. indigestion (indigestión)
  • se agarró un empacho de pasteles -> she gave herself indigestion eating too many cakes
2. (informal) (hartura)
  • tener (un) empacho de -> to have had enough o one's fill of
  • se dio un empacho de televisión -> he overdosed on television
3. embarrassment (vergüenza)
  • se dirigió a los asistentes sin ningún empacho -> he addressed the audience without the least embarrassment

empacho [em-pah’-cho]
1. Bashfulness, timidity. (m)
2. Embarrassment, obstacle. (m)
3. Surfeit, indigestion. (m)

1 (Med) indigestion
darse o coger un empacho de algo to get a bellyful of sth (familiar)
2 (timidez) bashfulness
sin empacho without ceremony; no tener empacho en hacer algo to have no objection to doing sth

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