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1. (ashamed)
a. avergonzado
I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life!¡Nunca me había sentido tan avergonzada!
b. apenado (Latin America)
Since the scandal, he has been too embarrassed to go out in public.Desde el escándalo, se ha sentido demasiado apenado para salir en público.
2. (uneasy)
a. incómodo
His comment was followed by an embarrassed silence.Un silencio incómodo siguió su comentario.
3. (finance)
a. con dificultades económicas
Banks are unwilling to give loans to financially embarrassed companies.Los bancos se resisten a conceder préstamos a empresas con dificultades económicas.
1. azorado(a), violento(a) (uncomfortable); apurado(a) (de dinero) (financially)
  • I'm so embarrassed ! me da tanta vergüenza or pena! (Am salvo RP)
embarrassed [ɪmˈbærəst]
[+silence] violento; incómodo; [+laugh] nervioso
to be embarrassed: I was so embarrassed! ¡me dio tanta vergüenza!; ¡me sentí tan violento!; many people are embarrassed about discussing their age a mucha gente le da vergüenza hablar de su edad; it's nothing to be embarrassed about no hay por qué avergonzarse
to [feel] embarrassed I felt embarrassed about making such a stupid mistake
I feel embarrassed when I have to speak in public me da vergüenza cuando tengo que hablar en público; me da corte cuando tengo que hablar en público (informal); (Esp)
I hate it when everybody looks at me, it makes me feel so embarrassed to [be] [feel] embarrassed [for] sb she got the answer wrong so many times, I was I felt embarrassed for her the way she spoke to him was awful; I felt really embarrassed for him
to be financially embarrassed estar or andar mal de dinero; tener dificultades económicas; he sang so badly I was or felt embarrassed for him cantó tan mal que sentí vergüenza ajena
he said with an embarrassed [laugh] he [looked] embarrassed an embarrassed [silence]
she was embarrassed to be seen with him le daba vergüenza que la vieran con él; le daba corte que la vieran con él (informal); (Esp)
she was [too] embarrassed to ask her friends
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