1. (related to electricity) 
An electric motor pumps water out of the well and into the house.Un motor eléctrico bombea el agua del pozo a la casa.
Our electric bill has gone down since we installed solar panels.Nuestra cuenta de la electricidad bajó desde que instalamos los paneles solares.
The neighbor installed an electric fence after he was robbed.El vecino instaló una cerca electrificada después de que le robaron.
d. de la luz (colloquial) 
Our electric bill is over $300 a month in the summer.La factura de la luz es de más de $300 al mes en el verano.
2. (exciting) 
Celia Cruz was an electric performer.Celia Cruz era una artista electrizante.
The atmosphere at the World Cup final match was electric.El ambiente en el partido final de la Copa Mundial estaba cargado de electricidad.
1. (general) 
a. eléctrico(a) 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
the atmosphere of the meeting was electricen la reunión el ambiente estaba electrizado
electric blanketmanta eléctrica
electric blueazul eléctrico
electric chairsilla eléctrica
electric cookercocina or
electric eelanguila eléctrica
electric fencevalla electrificada, cerca eléctrica
electric shockdescarga eléctrica
electric [ɪˈlektrɪk]
[+appliance, current, motor] eléctrico
the atmosphere was electric el ambiente era electrizante; el ambiente estaba cargado de electricidad
What a terrible day that was. I was gutted that England didn't win, although the atmosphere was absolutely electric real shiver down the spine stuff. The concert was excellent and the atmosphere electric - plenty of aggressive lyrics, lots of pushing and shoving during » Slam » but no violence Mike Hanson, chief executive of the South Thames Training and Enterprise Council who sponsored the launch said; The atmosphere was electric. It summed up the vibrancy of the South Thames area
[+blanket, cooker, fire, guitar, mixer, organ] eléctrico
electric arc welding
electric bill (n) (US) factura (f) or recibo (m) de la electricidad; (Esp)
electric blue (n) azul (m) eléctrico
electric chair (n) silla (f) eléctrica
to go to the electric chair acabar en la silla eléctrica
electric charge (n) carga (f) eléctrica
electric eel (n) anguila (f) eléctrica
electric eye (n) célula (f) fotoeléctrica
electric fence (n) valla (f) electrificada; cercado (m) electrificado
electric field (n) campo (m) eléctrico
electric kettle (n) hervidora (f) de agua eléctrica
electric light (n) luz (f) eléctrica
electric ray (n) (Zool) torpedo (m)
electric shock (n) (from wire, socket) descarga (f) eléctrica; (from static electricity) calambre (m)
I got an electric shock from the tap el grifo me dio calambre
electric shock treatment (n) tratamiento (m) por electrochoque
electric storm (n) tormenta (f) eléctrica
electric window(s) (n) (Aut) elevalunas (m) eléctrico
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