masculine noun
1. area, district , neighborhood (United States)
  • los barrios bajos -> the rough parts of town
  • de barrio -> local (cine, tienda)
  • mandar a alguien al otro barrio (informal figurative) -> to do somebody in, to kill somebody (peninsular Spanish)
  • barrio chino -> Chinatown; (de chinos) red light district (de prostitución) (peninsular Spanish)
  • barrio comercial/periférico -> shopping/outlying district
  • barrio latino -> Latin Quarter

barrio [bar’-re-o]
1. One of the districts or wards into which a large town or city is divided. (m)
  • Barrio chino -> (Esp.) Red-light district
  • Irse al otro barrio -> to snuff it
2. Suburb.
  • Andar de barrio or vestido de barrio -> to wear a plain, simple dress

1 (distrito) area; district; neighborhood; (EEUU)
una casa en un barrio residencial a house in a residential area o district o neighborhood; (EEUU) el barrio de Gracia Gracia district; mi barrio my part of town; my neighborhood; (EEUU) un piso en un barrio céntrico a flat in the centre of town; vive en el barrio judío de Córdoba he lives in the Jewish quarter of Cordova; los barrios de la periferia the outlying suburbs o areas; the outskirts; tiendas de barrio local shops; corner shops; neighborhood stores; (EEUU) cine de barrio local cinema
el otro barrio the next world
irse al otro barrio to snuff it (familiar)
mandar a algn al otro barrio to do sb in (familiar)
barrio bruja (And) shanty town
barrio chino [de mayoría china] Chinatown; Chinese quarter; [de prostitución] (España) red-light district
barrio comercial [de negocios] business quarter; commercial district; [de tiendas] shopping area; shopping district
barrio de chabolas shanty town
barrio de tolerancia (And) red-light district
barrio dormitorio commuter suburb; dormitory suburb
barrio exterior outer suburb
Barrio Gótico historic district with principally Gothic architecture
barrio latino Latin quarter
barrio miseria shanty town
barrio obrero working-class area; working-class district; working-class neighborhood; (EEUU)
barrios bajos poorer areas (of town)
barrios marginales poorer areas (of town)
2 (Latinoamérica) shanty town

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