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traje de baño

Usage note
In some English-speaking countries, the word "swimsuit" is used exclusively to refer to women's swimwear.
traje de baño
masculine noun
1. (clothing) 
a. bathing suit (United States) 
Corina no se metió en la piscina porque se había olvidado el traje de baño.Corina didn't go in the pool because she had forgotten her bathing suit.
b. swimsuit 
Si hace calor, podemos nadar en el río. Traigan sus trajes de baño.If it's hot, we can swim in the river. Bring your swimsuit.
c. swimming trunks (for men) 
Todos los bañeros tenían puesto un traje de baño rojo.All the lifeguards were wearing red swimming trunks.
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