masculine noun
1. bridge (construcción)
  • tender un puente (figurative) -> to offer a compromise
  • puente colgante -> suspension bridge
  • puente levadizo -> drawbridge
  • puente peatonal -> footbridge
2. ? long weekend (días festivos)
  • hacer puente (consisting of a public holiday, the weekend and the day in between) -> = to take an extra day off to join a public holiday with the weekend
  • puente aéreo -> air shuttle; (civil) airlift (militar)
3. gun deck (en barco)
  • puente de mando -> bridge
4. (informal)
  • hacer un puente -> to hot-wire a car (para arrancar un coche)
5. bridge (en dientes)
PUENTE When a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday, Spanish people usually take another day's holiday to make a four-day “long weekend”. This is called “hacer puente” (literally “making a bridge”). Depending on the employer, this extra day may be regarded as extra to the agreed annual holidays.

puente [poo-en’-tay]
1. A bridge. (m)
  • Puente volante -> flying-bridge
  • Puente levadizo -> draw-bridge
2. Deck of a ship. (Nautical) (m)
3. Bridge, in stringed instruments. (Music) (m)
4. Transom, lintel, crossbeam. (m)
  • Hacer puente -> to take a long weekend
  • Puente aéreo -> airlift
  • Cabeza de puente -> bridgehead
  • Puente colgante -> suspension bridge
  • Puente de mando -> bridge
  • A enemigo que huye puente de plata -> let the enemy escape

1 (Archit) bridge
sirven de puente entre los refugiados y la Administración they act as intermediaries o as a link between the refugees and the Government
nuestra labor es servir de puente entre los refugiados en España y sus familias en Bosnia
tender un puente
tender puentes
to offer a compromise; go part-way to meet sb's wishes
tender puentes de plata a algn to make it as easy as possible for sb
puente aéreo (de servicio frecuente) shuttle service; (en crisis) airlift
puente atirantado suspension bridge
puente colgante suspension bridge
puente de barcas pontoon bridge
puente de peaje toll bridge
puente de pontones pontoon bridge
puente giratorio swing bridge
puente grúa bridge crane
puente levadizo drawbridge
puente peatonal footbridge
puente voladizo cantilever bridge
La mujer amada tiende un puente voladizo desde lo mudo hacia la región de los nombres La tecnología empleada por Esteyco, SA es semejante a la de los [puentes voladizos,] con dovelas conjugadas prefabricadas.
2 [de gafas, entre dientes] bridge
3 (Electricidad y Eléctronica)
hacer un puente a un coche to hot-wire a car
4 (Náutica) (also puente de mando) bridge; (cubierta) deck
puente del timón wheelhouse
5 (entre fiestas) long weekend
hacer puente to take a long weekend
6 (brecha) gap
habrá que salvar el puente de una cosecha a otra something will have to be done to fill o bridge the gap between one harvest and the next
7 (And) (clavícula) collarbone
(temporal) temporary; (de transición) provisional; transitional
crédito puente bridging loan; curso puente intermediate course between two degrees; (between two degrees) gabinete puente caretaker government; hombre puente linkman; intermediary; préstamo puente bridging loan; solución puente temporary solution
When a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday it is common practice for employers to make the Monday or Friday a holiday as well and to give everyone a four-day weekend. This is known as hacer puente. When a named public holiday such as the Día de la Constitución in Spain falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday, people refer to the whole holiday period as e.g. the puente de la Constitución.

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