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masculine noun
1. (secondary education) 
a. high school (United States) 
Calculo que Fede habla bien inglés porque lo estudió en el bachillerato.I guess Fede can speak English well because he studied it in high school.
b. secondary school (United Kingdom) 
En el bachillerato no me iba bien porque me aburrieron todos los cursos.I didn't do well at secondary school because all the classes bored me.
2. (degree) 
a. high school diploma (United States) 
Según estadísticas, si una persona obtuvo su bachillerato es probable que siga estudiando en la facultad.According to statistics, a person who has earned a high-school diploma is more likely to go to college.
b. A level (United Kingdom) 
Hoy se cumplen doce años desde que recibí mi bachillerato.I got my A level results twelve years ago today.
El bachillerato internacional es un título aceptado en muchos países europeos.The international baccalaureate is a recognized qualification in many European countries.
3. (university degree) (Peru) 
Cuando obtuve mi Bachillerato en Lengua Inglesa me ofrecieron un trabajo en la escuela local.After obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in English, I was offered a job at the local high school.
1. (general) 
a. Spanish course of secondary studies for academically orientated 16-18-year-olds 
1 (Escol) higher secondary-education course
bachillerato comercial certificate in business studies
bachillerato del magisterio certificate for students going on to do teacher training
bachillerato elemental lower examination; GCSE
bachillerato laboral certificate in agricultural o technical studies
bachillerato superior higher certificate; A level
note See culture box in entry ESO.
2 (Univ) (Hist) bachelor's degree
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