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transitive verb
1. (to practice a profession)
a. to practice (United States)
¿Desde cuando ejerces la medicina?How long have you been practicing medicine?
b. to practise (United Kingdom)
Juan empezó a ejercer la abogacía hace cinco años.Juan started practising law five years ago.
2. (to make happen by force)
a. to exercise
Quiere ejercer poder sobre el pueblo, pero no tiene legitimidad. He wants to exercise power over the people, but he has no legitimacy.
b. to exert
Intentaron ejercer influencia sobre el director para que contratara a su nieto.They tried to exert influence on the director to get their grandson hired.
3. (to make use of)
a. to exercise
La única forma en que perderíamos es si los ciudadanos no ejercen su derecho al voto.The only way we would lose is if the citizens fail to exercise their right to vote.
intransitive verb
4. (to practice a profession)
a. to practice (United States)
Ángel es un ingeniero, pero no ejerce. Angel is an engineer, but he isn't practicing.
b. to practise (United Kingdom)
Mi hija es médica. - ¿En dónde ejerce?My daughter is a doctor. - Where does she practise?
transitive verb
1. to practice (profesión); to hold (cargo)
  • ejerce la medicina he's in practice as a doctor
2. to exercise (poder, derecho); to exert (influencia, dominio)
  • ejercer presión sobre to put pressure on
  • ejercer influencia (en) to have an effect o influence (on)
intransitive verb
3. to practice (one's profession)
  • estudió enfermería, pero no ejerce she studied as a nurse, but is not working in the profession
  • ejercer de to practice o work as
  • ejerce como abogada she practices as a lawyer, she's a practicing lawyer
  • ejerce mucho de jefe he acts like he's the boss
transitive verb
1 [+medicina, abogacía] to practise; practice; (EEUU)
es abogado pero no ejerce su profesión he's a lawyer by training, but he doesn't practise
2 (hacer efectivo) [+influencia] to exert; exercise; [+poder] to exercise; wield
ejerce mucha influencia sobre sus hermanos he exerts o has a great deal of influence on his brothers
3 [+derecho] to exercise
ejercer el derecho al voto to exercise one's right to vote
intransitive verb
[+profesional] to practise; practice; (EEUU)de as
es médico, pero ya no ejerce he's a doctor, but he no longer practises
Verb Conjugations for ejercer
Gerund: ejerciendo
Participle: ejercido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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