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transitive verb
1. to practice (profesión); to hold (cargo)
  • ejerce la medicina he's in practice as a doctor
2. to exercise (poder, derecho); to exert (influencia, dominio)
  • ejercer presión sobre to put pressure on
  • ejercer influencia (en) to have an effect o influence (on)
intransitive verb
3. to practice (one's profession)
  • estudió enfermería, pero no ejerce she studied as a nurse, but is not working in the profession
  • ejercer de to practice o work as
  • ejerce como abogada she practices as a lawyer, she's a practicing lawyer
  • ejerce mucho de jefe he acts like he's the boss
transitive verb
1 [+medicina, abogacía] to practise; practice; (EEUU)
es abogado pero no ejerce su profesión he's a lawyer by training, but he doesn't practise
2 (hacer efectivo) [+influencia] to exert; exercise; [+poder] to exercise; wield
ejerce mucha influencia sobre sus hermanos he exerts o has a great deal of influence on his brothers
3 [+derecho] to exercise
ejercer el derecho al voto to exercise one's right to vote
intransitive verb
[+profesional] to practise; practice; (EEUU)de as
es médico, pero ya no ejerce he's a doctor, but he no longer practises
Verb Conjugations for ejercer
Gerund: ejerciendo
Participle: ejercido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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