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1. (number)
a. el ocho (M)
My appointment is at eight o'clock. Mi cita es a las ocho.
They have eight grandchildren.Tienen ocho nietos.
1. ocho (m)
  • come at eight ven a las ocho
  • eight and eight are sixteen ocho y ocho, dieciséis
  • there were eight of us éramos ocho
  • all eight of them left se marcharon los ocho
  • the eight of hearts el ocho de corazones (in cards)
2. ocho
  • they live at number eight viven en el número ocho
  • chapter/page eight capítulo/página ocho
  • eight hundred ochocientos(as)
  • eight hundred men ochocientos hombres
  • eight thousand ocho mil
  • to be eight (years old) tener ocho años (de edad)
  • it costs eight pounds cuesta ocho libras
  • eight o'clock las ocho
  • it's eight minutes to five son las cinco menos ocho minutos
eight [eɪt]
she's eight (years old) tiene ocho años; there are eight of us somos ocho; all eight of them came vinieron los ocho
(numeral) ocho (m)
he's had one over the eight lleva una copa de más
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