Edge in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. borde (m) (of table, road, forest); margen (m) (of page); canto (m) (of coin, book)
  • at the water's edge al borde or a la orilla del agua
  • to be on the edge of one's seat (sentido figurado) estar (con el alma) en vilo
2. filo (m) (of blade, tool)
  • to take the edge off somebody's hunger (sentido figurado) calmar el hambre a alguien
  • it took the edge off their victory (sentido figurado) deslustró or enturbió su victoria
  • to be on edge (sentido figurado) estar tenso(a) or nervioso(a) (nervous)
  • to set somebody on edge (sentido figurado) poner los nervios de punta a alguien (make nervous)
3. ventaja (f) (advantage)
  • to have the edge (over somebody) llevar ventaja (a alguien)
transitive verb
4. ribetear (in sewing)
  • edged with lace ribeteado(a) con encaje
intransitive verb
5. (move slowly)
  • to edge toward somebody/something acercarse lentamente a alguien/algo
  • to edge past somebody pasar deslizándose junto a alguien
  • to edge through the crowd avanzar lentamente entre la multitud
edge [edʒ]
1 (border, rim) [of cliff, wood, chair, bed] borde (m); [of town] afueras (f); [of lake, river] orilla (f); [of cube, brick] arista (f); [of paper] borde (m); margen (m); [of coin] canto (m)
the fabric was fraying at the edges la tela se estaba deshilachando por los bordes
she was standing at the water's edge estaba de pie en la orilla del agua; the trees at the edge of the road los árboles que bordean la carretera
he sat down on the edge of the bed se sentó al borde la cama
a house on the edge of town una casa a las afueras de la ciudad
someone pushed him over the edge of the cliff alguien lo empujó por el borde del precipicio
he sat down on the edge of his desk don't get too close to the edge! he stood on the edge of the crowd, listening to the speaker the village is at the eastern edge of the region a book with gilt edges use strong glue to stick the two edges together she was on the edge of tears
to live close to the edge vivir al límite
drinking too much, taking drugs and generally living close to the edge many people are worried about job security and are living close to the edge when he floated the company on the stock exchange, he sailed a little close to the edge
to be on edge tener los nervios de punta
my nerves are on edge today hoy tengo los nervios de punta; hoy estoy de los nervios
his piercing blue eyes put some people on edge
to set sb's teeth on edge [+sound, voice] dar dentera a algn; [+person] poner los pelos de punta a algn
The small scratching noises set Aubrey's remaining teeth on edge her voice set his teeth on edge the very mention of his name sets Prescott's teeth on edge the boy wonder whose mere presence can set a million teeth on edge
to drive/push sb over the edge llevar a algn al límite
this latest crisis may push him over the edge at a time when they needed understanding and help, they were being pushed over the edge instead
to be on the edge of one's seat estar en suspense or vilo or ascuas
we were on the edge of our [seats] waiting to see what would happen next the film kept us on the edge of our seats for 2 hours
2 (brink) borde (m)
they've driven the rhino to the edge of extinction to be on the edge [of] sth
he was on the edge of a breakthrough estaba al borde de un gran adelanto
in his present state, one more piece of bad news will send him [over] the edge some women are driven over the edge by abusive partners it's enough to take you over the edge
3 (sharp side) [of blade] filo (m)
I cut myself on the edge of the paper the sharp edge of the sword nobody was spared the cutting edge of his humour he is at the cutting edge of new drama he spoke softly, but behind the softness was a cutting edge on the cutting edge of technology to be at the [leading] edge (of sth) firms at the leading edge of the telecommunications industry
to put an edge on sth afilar algo
despite some rough edges, the show was a success
army life will smooth the rough edges off him la vida militar le calmará
4 (sharpness)
there was an edge to her voice había un tono de crispación en su voz; his performance lacked edge a su interpretación le faltaba mordacidad; the wind had a sharp edge hacía un viento cortante
there was a nervous edge to his voice Greene's stories had an edge of realism
to take the edge off sth
talking to her took the edge off my grief hablar con ella mitigó mi dolor; that took the edge off my appetite con eso maté el hambre or engañé el estómago
5 (advantage) ventaja (f)
featuring new bands gives the show an edge
their technology gave them the competitive edge su tecnología les dio una posición de ventaja con respecto a la competencia
to have the or an edge on or over sb llevar la delantera a algn; llevar ventaja a algn
with more training, France could have the edge over England he has an edge over the rest of the golfers they had the edge, but failed to take advantage
transitive verb
1 (provide border for) [+garment] ribetear; [+path] bordear
a top edged with lace un top ribeteado con encaje
a mahogany tray edged with brass una bandeja de caoba con el borde de bronce; narrow green leaves edged with red hojas verdes delgadas con los bordes rojos
2 (move carefully)
he edged the car into the traffic sacó el coche con cuidado y se unió al resto del tráfico
she edged him along the pavement he edged it into the conversation to edge one's [way]
she edged her way through the crowd se abrió paso poco a poco entre la multitud
the song edged its way up the charts la canción fue poco a poco subiendo puestos en las listas de éxitos
3 (sharpen)
her voice was edged with panic había un tono de pánico en su voz
to strike a ball with the edge of a bat, foot etc he edged it into the slips to tilt a ski sideways so that one edge digs into the snow to edge [it] to gain a slight advantage or to win (in sport particularly) their positive attitude could help them to edge it on Saturday context: a football match
intransitive verb
(move slowly)
he's edging ahead in the opinion polls to edge [away] from sb
she edged away from him poco a poco se alejó de él
he edged closer to the telephone se acercó lentamente al teléfono
to edge forward avanzar poco a poco
Labour have edged into the lead el partido laborista ha conseguido tomar la delantera por muy poco
according to the latest opinion polls Labour have edged into the lead
to edge past pasar con dificultad
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