"echando" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to throw (tirar) ; to cast (red)
  • echar algo a la basura -> to throw something in the bin
2. to put (meter)
  • echa esos pantalones a la lavadora -> put those trousers in the washing machine
3. to pour (añadir) (vino, agua) (a o en into); to add sth (a o en to)
  • échame más zumo, por favor (sal, azúcar) -> could you pour me some more juice, please?
4. to give (decir) (discurso) ; to dish out (reprimenda)
5. to post (carta, postal) , to mail (United States)
  • echar algo al correo -> to put something in the post, to post something , to mail something (United States)
6. to give off, to emit (humo, vapor, chispas)
  • está que echa humo (informal figurative) -> she's fuming
7. to sprout, to shoot (hojas, flores)
8. (expulsar)
  • echar a alguien (de) -> to throw somebody out (of)
  • le han echado del partido -> he's been expelled from the party
9. (despedir)
  • echar a alguien (de) -> to sack somebody (from)
  • ¡que lo echen! -> sack him!, kick him out!
10. (accionar)
  • echar la llave/el cerrojo -> to lock/bolt the door
  • echar el freno -> to brake, to put the brakes on
11. to lie (down) (acostar)
12. (calcular)
  • ¿cuántos años le echas? -> how old do you reckon he is?
  • siempre me echan años de menos -> people always think I'm younger than I really am
13. (informal)
  • ¿qué echan esta noche en la tele? -> what's on telly tonight? (peninsular Spanish)
14. to tell (buenaventura)
  • echar las cartas (a alguien) -> to read somebody's fortune (in cards)
15. (expresiones)
  • echar abajo -> to pull down, to demolish; (edificio) to bring down; (gobierno) to ruin (proyecto)
  • echar a perder -> to ruin; (vestido, alimentos, plan) to waste (ocasión)
  • echar de menos -> to miss
intransitive verb
16. (encaminarse)
  • echar por la calle arriba -> to go o head up the street
17. (empezar)
  • echar a andar -> to set off
  • echar a correr -> to break into a run
  • echar a llorar -> to burst into tears
  • echar a reír -> to burst out laughing
pronomial verb
1. (lanzarse)
  • echarse al suelo -> to throw oneself on the floor
  • se echó a sus brazos -> she threw herself into his arms
2. to lie down (acostarse)
  • me voy a echar un rato -> I'm going to have a nap
  • echarse a dormir -> to go to bed (acostarse)
3. (empezar)
  • echarse a hacer algo -> to begin to do something, to start doing something
  • se echó a cantar/reír -> he burst into song/laughter
4. (apartarse)
  • echarse a un lado -> to move aside
  • echarse atrás (figurative) -> to back out
5. (obtener)
  • echarse (un) novio -> to get oneself a boyfriend
  • echarse a perder -> to go off, to spoil; (comida) to fall through (plan)

echar [ay-char']
article & verb transitive
1. To cast, to throw, to dart, to jet.
2. To turn or drive away, to eject, to reject, to cast away, to throw out or expel from an office or profession.
3. To shoot, to bud, to issue, to sprout, to burst out.
4. To put, to apply.
5. To lay on or impose as a tax.
6. (coll.) To eat, to drink.
7. To couple male and female animals for procreating.
8. To impute, to ascribe.
9. To perform for a wager.
10. To deal out, to distribute.
11. To publish, to give out, to issue.
12. With por and the name of a calling, to follow it.
13. With the words rayos, centellas, fuego, etc., to show much annoyance, to be very angry.
14. With the name of a punishment, to condemn to it.
15. With the infinitive of a verb and the preposition a, it signifies to begin the action denoted by the verb.
  • Echar a reír -> to burst out laughing
16. Echar por, to go by one side or the other.
17. Speaking of horses, coaches, clothing, to use them, put into service.
  • Echar carnes -> to become fat
  • Echar por otra parte -> to differ in opinions from another
  • Echar de menos -> to miss
  • Echar a perder -> to lose its good taste, to spoil
  • Echar fuego -> to be the cause of a dispute
  • Echar los hígados -> to be very much fatigued
  • Echar a alguno a patadas -> to kick one out
  • Echar al camino -> to take to the road, to become a highway robber
  • Echar a fondo or a pique -> (Naut.) to sink a vessel
  • Echar abajo, en tierra, por tierra or por el suelo -> to throw down, to demolish
  • Echar el agua a un niño -> to baptize a child
  • Echar en saco roto -> (Met.) to labor to no purpose, not to follow one's advice
  • Echar de menos una persona o cosas -> to miss a person or thing
  • Echar a uno la pierna encima -> to surpass or outshine a person
  • Echar tierra a alguna cosa -> to bury an affair in oblivion
  • Echar al mundo -> to create, to bring forth
  • Echar mano -> to give assistance
  • Echar a uno a pasear -> to send one abruptly about his business
  • Echar suertes -> to draw lots
  • Echar a correr -> to run away
  • Echar en cara, a la cara or en la cara -> to reproach to one's face, to throw something in one's teeth
  • Echar la ley a uno -> to judge and condemn a person to the utmost rigor of the law
  • Echar a perder -> to spoil, to mar, not to utilize a thing
  • Echarlo todo a rodar -> to spoil or mar utterly an affair
  • Echar mano -> to lay hold of a thing; to make use of it, to seize, to catch
  • Echar por en medio -> to cut short any difference
  • Echar el pie adelante -> (Met.) to progress, to be foremost
  • Echar el pie atrás -> to retrograde, to be last
  • Echar una mano -> to lend a hand, to assist
  • Echar un jarro de agua -> (Met.) to cut short a person's discourse, or throw a damper on it by an unexpected dry remark
  • Echa -> or echarse un borrón, (Met.) to disgrace oneself
  • Echar el guante -> to arrest a person
  • Echar en tierra -> (Naut.) to land, to disembark
  • Echar raíces -> a) to take root. b) to become fixed or established in a place. c) to be rooted or confirmed in something by inveterate habit or custom
verb reflexive
18. To lie, to rest, to stretch oneself to full length; of birds, to sit on eggs.
19. To throw oneself down.
20. To apply oneself to a business.
21. To yield, to desist; of the wind, to grow calm, to abate.
  • Echarse un pitillo -> to have a smoke
  • Echarse una siestecita -> to have a doze
  • Echarse atrás -> to throw oneself back
  • Echarse en brazos de uno -> to throw oneself into somebody's arms
  • Echárselas de -> to boast of
The verb echar is well described by a Spanish lexicographer as a verb of general utility. It serves frequently to assist the meaning of another verb, and enters into many phrases.

Para las expresiones echar abajo, echar en cara, echar la culpa, echar en falta, echar de menos, echar a perder, echar raíces, echar a suertes, ver la otra entrada.
1 (tirar) [+pelota, piedra, dados] to throw; [+basura] to throw away; [+ancla, red] to cast; [+moneda al aire] to toss
la gente echa la basura por la tapia echó una piedra al río
[+mirada] to cast; give; [+naipe] to deal
échame las llaves throw me the keys; échalo a la basura throw it away; ¿qué te han echado los Reyes? what did you get for Christmas?
echó la puerta abajo de una patada
echarlas (S. Cone) to leg it (familiar); scarper (familiar)
2 (poner) to put
echar carbón a la lumbre to put coal on the fire; he echado otra manta en la cama I've put another blanket on the bed; ¿te echo mantequilla en el pan? shall I put some butter on your bread?; échale un poco de azúcar a la mezcla add a little sugar to the mixture
echar un poco de azúcar al líquido échale un poco más de sal
tengo que echar gasolina I need to fill up (with petrol)
3 (verter) to pour
echó un poco de vino en un vaso he poured some wine into a glass; echar cera en un molde to pour wax into a mould
4 (servir) [+bebida] to pour; [+comida] to give
échame agua could you give o pour me some water?; ¿te echo más whisky? shall I pour you some more whisky?; no me eches tanto don't give me so much
¿te echo más patatas?
tengo que echar de comer a los animales I have to feed the animals
lo que le echen
resiste lo que le echen she can take whatever they throw at her
5 (dejar salir)
la chimenea echa humo smoke is coming out of the chimney; ¡qué peste echan tus zapatos! your shoes stink to high heaven! (familiar)
6 (expulsar) (de casa, bar, tienda, club) to throw out; (del trabajo) to fire (familiar); sack (familiar); (de colegio) to expel
cuando protesté me echaron when I protested they threw me out; me echó de su casa he threw me out of his house; lo han echado del colegio he's been expelled from school; la echaron del trabajo she's been fired o sacked (familiar)
¡qué le echen fuera!
echar algo de sí to get rid of sth; throw sth off
7 (producir) [+dientes] to cut; [+hojas] to sprout
está empezando a echar barriga he's starting to get a bit of a belly o paunch; ¡vaya mal genio que has echado últimamente! you've become o got really bad-tempered recently!
no consiguieron echar raíces en el extranjero
8 (cerrar)
echar la llave/el cerrojo to lock/bolt the door; echar el freno to brake
se me olvidó echar la llave/el cerrojo echó el freno
echa la persiana can you draw the blinds?
9 (mover) [+parte del cuerpo]
echar la cabeza a un lado to tilt o cock one's head to one side; echar el cuerpo hacia atrás to lean back
(empujando) to push
echar a algn a un lado to push sb aside; echar atrás a la multitud to push the crowd back
10 (enviar) [+carta] to post; mail; (EEUU)
eché la carta en el buzón I posted the letter; ¿dónde puedo echar esta postal? where can I post this postcard?
echar en cara algo a algn le echó en cara que no ... echar la culpa a algn echar el muerto a algn no empieces a echar la culpa a los demás a mí no me eches la culpa, eres tú quien llamó
11 (calcular) to reckon
¿cuántos kilos le echas? how much do you think o reckon she weighs?; ¿cuántos años le echas? how old do you think o reckon he is?; échale una hora andando you can reckon on it taking you an hour if you walk
12 (dar) [+discurso] to give; make
echar maldiciones to curse; echar una reprimenda a algn to tick sb off; give sb a ticking-off; he ido a que me echen las cartas I've had my cards read
echar algo a cara o cruz echar algo a suertes
13 (con sustantivos que implican acciones) [+trago, partida] to have
¿echamos un café? shall we have a coffee?; salió al balcón a echar un cigarrillo he went out onto the balcony for a smoke o cigarette
echar una partida a ver cuando echamos otra partida de tenis echar un trago
echar una multa a algn to fine sb; give sb a fine
14 [+tiempo]
hay que echarle muchas horas it takes a long time; de jóvenes nos echábamos nuestros buenos ratos de charla we used to spend a lot of time talking when we were younger; esta semana he echado cuatro horas extras I did four hours overtime this week
15 (en cine, televisión) to show
echaron un programa sobre Einstein there was a programme about Einstein on; they showed a programme about Einstein; ¿qué echan en el cine? what's on at the cinema?
16 [+cimientos] to lay
echarla de algo
17 (Zoología) (para procrear)
échalos a ver si tienen crías
ha echado a su perra con un pastor alemán he has mated his bitch with a German shepherd
18 (Caribe) (S. Cone) (azuzar) [+animal] to urge on
¡echa para adelante! lead on!
ahora tienes que echar para adelante y olvidarte del pasado you need to get on with your life and forget about the past; es un olor que echa para atrás it's a smell that really knocks you back (familiar); echa para allá move up
echar por una dirección
echar por una calle to go down a street
echemos por aquí let's go this way
echar a (+ infin)
echar a correr to break into a run; start running; echar a reír to burst out laughing; start laughing
echar [a faltar] echar en [falta] algo/algn echar en [falta] o de [menos] algo/ a algn echo de menos a mi familia echo de menos uno de los libros
1 (lanzarse) to throw o.s.
echarse en brazos de algn to throw o.s. into sb's arms; los niños se echaron al agua the children jumped into the water
echarse por un precipicio
echarse sobre algn (gen) to hurl o.s. at sb; rush at sb; (atacando) to fall on sb
2 (acostarse) to lie down
voy a echarme un rato I'm going to lie down for a bit; me eché en el sofá y me quedé dormido I lay down o stretched out on the sofa and fell asleep; se echó en el suelo he lay down on the floor
3 (moverse)
échate un poco para la izquierda move a bit to the left; me tuve que echar a la derecha para que adelantara I had to pull over to the right to let him overtake
echarse atrás to throw o.s. back(wards); move back(wards); to back out
¡échense para atrás! move back!
4 (ponerse)
se echó laca en el pelo she put some hairspray on
échate pomada en el grano
se echó una manta por las piernas she put a blanket over her legs
echarse a (+ infin)
se echó a correr she broke into a run; she started running
echarse a la bebida echarse [a hacer] algo
5 (uso enfático)
echarse una novia to get o.s. a girlfriend; echarse un pitillo to have a cigarette o smoke; echarse una siestecita to have a nap; echarse un trago to have a drink
echárselas de to make o.s. out to be
se las echa de experto he makes himself out to be an expert
nunca me las di de experto ¡no te las dés de listo!
7 (México)
echarse algo encima (asumir) to take responsibility for sth
echarse a algn encima to alienate sb; turn sb against one
8 (México) (matar)
echarse a algn to bump sb off (muy_familiar)

Verb Conjugations for "echar" (go to to throw; to throw away; to sack, to fire)


yo echo eché echaba echaría echaré
echas echaste echabas echarías echarás
él/ella/Ud. echa echó echaba echaría echará
nosotros echamos echamos echábamos echaríamos echaremos
vosotros echáis echasteis echabais echaríais echaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. echan echaron echaban echarían echarán
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