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(pt ate [et, eɪt], pp eaten [ˈiːtən])
transitive verb
1. comer
  • to eat one's breakfast desayunar
2. (idioms)
  • to eat somebody out of house and home dejarle la nevera or la despensa vacía a alguien
  • I could eat a horse! (familiar) ¡tengo un hambre tremenda or canina! (español de España)
  • he won't eat you! (familiar) ¡no te va a comer!
  • what's eating you? (familiar) ¿qué te preocupa? (worrying you), ¿qué te pica? (RP)
  • to eat one's words tragarse (uno) sus propias palabras
  • if it works, I'll eat my hat (familiar) si esto funciona, me meto a monja
intransitive verb
3. comer
  • to have somebody eating out of one's hand (sentido figurado) tener a alguien en el bote or (español de España) el bolsillo (Am)
eat [iːt] ate (past)eaten (participle:past)
transitive verb
there's nothing to eat no hay nada de or que comer; would you like something to eat? ¿quieres comer algo?; he won't eat you no te va a morder; what's eating you? ¿qué mosca te ha picado?; to eat one's fill hartarse; to eat one's lunch comer; almorzar; to eat one's way through the menu pedir todos los platos de la carta
he's eating us out of house and home come por ocho
to eat one's words tragarse las palabras
intransitive verb
he eats like a horse come más que una lima nueva; he always eats well siempre tiene buen apetito
I've got him eating out of my hand lo tengo dominado
Verb Conjugations for comer
Gerund: comiendo
Participle: comido
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