ears is the plural form of ear and roughly translates to orejas.
1. (anatomy) 
a. la oreja (F) (external part) 
She doesn't have piercings in her ears.No tiene agujeros en las orejas.
b. el oído (M) (internal part) 
I think I have an ear infection.Creo que tengo una infección de oído.
2. (sense) 
a. el oído (M) 
The kid's got a great ear, and remembers melodies easily.El niño tiene buen oído y recuerda las melodías con facilidad.
3. (corn spike) (United States) 
We grilled some ears of corn.Hicimos unas mazorcas de maíz a la plancha.
b. el elote (M) (Central America) (Mexico) 
Boil two ears of corn and let cool.Cueza dos elotes y déjelos enfriar.
c. el choclo (M) (South America) 
Grill the ears until the kernels are lightly golden brown.Grillar los choclos hasta que los granos queden ligeramente dorados.
4. (wheat spike) (United States) 
a. la espiga (F) 
On her head, she wore a garland of wheat ears laced with spring flowers.En la cabeza, llevaba una corona de espigas de trigo trenzadas con flores de la primavera.
1. (of person, animal; external part) 
a. la oreja (F) 
2. (internal part) 
a. el oído (M) 
to have an ear for musictener buen oído para la música
to have an ear for languagestener aptitudes para los idiomas
3. (medicine) 
a. no direct translation 
ear, nose and throat specialistotorrinolaringólogo(a) m,f
ear lobelóbulo de la oreja
4. (of wheat) 
a. la espiga (F) 
5. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
to play it by earver qué pasa
he has the boss's eargoza de la confianza del jefe
to keep one's ear to the groundmantenerse al corriente
to go in one ear and out the otherentrar por un oído y salir por el otro
6. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
I'm all earssoy todo oídos
7. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to be up to one's ears in work/debtestar hasta las cejas, narices de trabajo/deudas
8. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to be (thrown) out on one's earser puesto(a) de patitas en la calle
to reach somebody's earsllegar a los oídos de alguien
the house was falling down around their earsla casa se les caía encima
ear [ɪəʳ]
1 (Anat) (outer part) oreja (f); (rest of organ) oído (m)
she has small ears tiene las orejas pequeñas
I'm having my ears pierced
he could not believe his ears no daba crédito a sus oídos
he was grinning from ear to ear la mueca le llegaba de oreja a oreja
he whispered in her ear le susurró al oído
inner/middle/outer ear oído (m) interno/medio/externo
to prick up one's ears [+person] aguzar el oído; [+animal] empinar las orejas
she was always there with a sympathetic ear
he was looking for a sympathetic ear buscaba a alguien que le escuchara
a word in your ear una palabra en confianza
to be all ears ser todo oídos
tell me about it - I'm all ears
to bend sb's ear machacar la cabeza a algn (informal)
he's fed up with people bending his ear about it one's ears are [burning] your ears must have been burning
I bet his ears were burning apuesto a que le zumbaban or pitaban los oídos
to close or shut one's ears to sth hacer caso omiso de algo
I tried to close my ears to the cries outside they have closed their ears to complaints from the public
they closed or shut their ears to everything that was being said hicieron caso omiso de todo lo que se dijo
to fall or crash down around or about one's ears venirse abajo
the house is falling down around my ears la casa se está viniendo abajo; it brought their world crashing down around their ears hizo que el mundo se les viniera abajo
to fall on deaf ears caer en oídos sordos
I hope our appeal will not fall on deaf ears a flea in one's ear a sharp rebuke he sent him away with a flea in his ear
it goes in one ear and out the other por un oído le/me entra y por otro le/me sale
to have/keep one's ear(s) to the ground estar con la oreja pegada (informal); estar al tanto
jobs are scarce, but I'll keep my ear to the ground I'll be keeping an ear to the ground in future if Berry really wants to be in the right place at the right time, the first thing he must learn is to keep his ear to the ground they have got a number of friends who can be relied on to keep their ears close to the ground
to have sb's ear tener enchufe con algn (informal)
he won't get sacked, he has the ear of the director
to lend an ear (to sth) prestar atención (a algo)
they're always willing to lend an ear and offer advice siempre están dispuestos a escuchar y dar consejos
"friends, Romans, countrymen - lend me your ears"
to listen with half an ear escuchar a medias
when she starts prattling on, I only give her half an ear
to be out on one's ear verse en la calle (sin trabajo) (informal)
if you don't work harder, you'll be out on your ear como no arrimes más el hombro te verás en la calle (informal)
to make a pig's ear of sth to mess sth up
to pin back one's ears escuchar bien
this is important, so pin back your ears
to give sb a thick ear dar una torta or un tortazo a algn (informal)
if you don't stop being naughty, I'll give you a thick ear to turn a deaf ear to sth he turned a deaf ear to American demands for action
to be up to one's ears (in sth) (in work, papers) estar hasta arriba (de algo); (in difficulties, debt, scandal) estar hasta el cuello (de algo)
I'm up to my ears in work he's up to the ears in debt motherhood means being up to your ears in nappies he was up to his ears in dirty business deals the military is up to its ears in corruption
to have money/houses coming out of one's ears tener dinero/casas para dar y tomar
I had football/pizza coming out of my ears el fútbol/la pizza me salía por las orejas; estaba harto de fútbol/pizza
to be wet behind the ears estar verde (informal)
he may be still wet behind the ears, but he shows potential
to [box] sb's ears
2 (sense of hearing) oído (m)
her voice was very pleasing to the ear tenía una voz muy agradable al oído
she has a musical ear
to play sth by ear tocar algo de oído
he sat at the piano and began playing the music by ear
we don't know what to expect, we'll just have to play it by ear no sabemos a qué atenernos, tendremos que improvisar sobre la marcha
We're going to play it by ear. We're not going to kill them unless we have to to have an ear [for] sth
she has an ear for languages tiene oído para los idiomas
she has a good ear (for music) tiene buen oído (para la música)
he has no ear for music he has a fine ear for a tune an ear for foreign languages is an advantage
ear lobe (n) lóbulo (m) de la oreja
ear, nose and throat department (n) sección (f) de otorrinolaringología
ear, nose and throat specialist (n) otorrinolaringólogoaotorrinolaringóloga (m) (f);a otorrinolaringóloga
ear trumpet (n) trompetilla (f) acústica
ear wax (n) cerumen (m); cera (f) de los oídos
ear [ɪəʳ]
[of cereal] espiga (f)
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