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1. temprano(a) (in the day)
  • at this early hour… a una hora tan temprana…
  • in the early morning por la or (español de España) en la or (Am) a la or (español de Argentina) de mañana temprano (español de Uruguay)
  • in the early afternoon a primera hora de la tarde
  • to have an early night acostarse temprano
  • to be an early riser or bird ser madrugador(ora)
  • the early bird catches the worm (Prov) a quien madruga, Dios le ayuda
  • it's early closing on Wednesdays los miércoles las tiendas abren sólo por la mañana (británico)
2. temprano(a), primero(a) (at beginning of period of time)
  • an early goal un gol temprano or tempranero
  • the early days/stages of… los primeros días/las primeras etapas de…
  • in early summer a principios del verano
  • at an early age en una edad temprana
  • in the early 1980s a principios de los ochenta
  • an early example of… un ejemplo temprano de…
3. antes de tiempo (ahead of time) (arrival) ; temprano(a) (breakfast, lunch)
  • to be early llegar temprano or pronto (español de España)
  • I am half an hour early llego media hora antes or con media hora de adelanto
  • an early death una muerte prematura
  • early retirement jubilación (f) anticipada
  • early warning system (militar) sistema (f) de alerta inmediata
4. pronto(a) (future)
  • an early reply una pronta respuesta
  • at an early date en fecha próxima
5. temprano (in the day) , pronto (español de España)
  • early in the morning/evening en las primeras horas de la mañana/tarde
  • to get up early levantarse temprano
  • as early as possible lo antes posible, cuanto antes
6. (at beginning of period of time)
  • early in the year a primeros de año
  • early on temprano
  • early in one's life/career al principio de la vida/carrera profesional
7. temprano (ahead of time) , pronto (español de España)
  • too early demasiado pronto
  • they left the party early se fueron pronto de la fiesta
  • to die early morir prematuramente
  • to retire early jubilarse anticipadamente
early [ˈɜːlɪ] earlier (comparative)earliest (superlative)
1 (before appointed time)
to be early llegar temprano or pronto
you're early! ¡llegas temprano or pronto!; you're five minutes early llegas con cinco minutos de adelanto; I was half an hour early for the meeting llegué a la reunión con media hora de adelanto; llegué a la reunión media hora antes de que empezase
2 (before usual time) [+death, menopause] prematuro; temprano
Easter is early this year la Semana Santa cae pronto este año
early frosts heladas (f) prematuras or tempranas
to have an early lunch almorzar temprano; comer temprano
she was pressurized into an early marriage la presionaron para que se casase muy joven
to have an early night acostarse temprano
early retirement jubilación (f) anticipada
it was an early summer el verano se había adelantado; el verano había llegado pronto
the stress may have contributed to her early death
3 (soon) pronto
to be too early [to] do sth
it's too early to say es demasiado pronto para saber
at your earliest convenience (Comm) con la mayor brevedad posible
it is too early [to say] what will happen it is too early [to know] what his motives were
4 (towards beginning) (of morning)
we need two seats on an early flight necesitamos dos plazas en un vuelo que salga por la mañana temprano or un vuelo a primera hora de la mañana
to get up at an early hour levantarse temprano; levantarse de madrugada
to keep early hours acostarse y levantarse temprano
the early [hours] (of the morning)
we arrived home in the early hours (of the morning) llegamos a casa de madrugada; we worked until the early hours of the morning trabajamos hasta altas horas de la madrugada
it was early in the morning era muy de mañana; era muy temprano
in the early morning a primeras horas de la mañana; we went for an early morning drive nos fuimos a dar un paseo en coche por la mañana temprano
to be an early riser ser madrugador
to get off to or make an early start salir temprano
[+period, process]
the early days/months/years of sth los primeros días/meses/años de algo; in the early 60s/70s a principios de los 60/70; she's in her early forties/seventies tiene poco más de cuarenta/setenta años; tiene cuarenta/setenta y pocos (años); she became famous in her early thirties se hizo famosa a los treinta y pocos; there were two early goals se marcaron dos goles al inicio del partido; in early January/March a principios de enero/marzo; it's still early (in process) es pronto todavía
the early afternoon a primera hora de la tarde
we finished in the early afternoon it was early afternoon when we finished
at an early age a una edad temprana
from an early age desde pequeño; desde una edad temprana (formal)
his early career/childhood los primeros años de su carrera/infancia
an early diagnosis un diagnóstico precoz
your chances are much better with an early diagnosis we were lucky to get an early diagnosis. some people have to wait 2 or 3 years to find out what the problem is the early [evening] the early evening is the best time for listening to birdsong
it was early evening era media tarde
we'll arrive there in the early evening llegaremos a media tarde
her early life los primeros años de su vida
in the early spring a principios de la primavera
it flowers from early spring to early autumn florece desde principios de la primavera a principios del otoño
the disease is hard to detect in its early stages es difícil detectar la enfermedad en sus fases iniciales
at an earlier stage of the project en una etapa anterior del proyecto
he's in his early teens tendrá unos trece o catorce años
he began painting in his early teens empezó a pintar a los trece o catorce años
his early youth su primera juventud
we finished in the early evening it was early evening when we finished
it's early days yet
we may have to modify the plans, but it's early days yet especially (Britain) quizás tengamos que modificar los planes, pero aún es pronto para saberlo
Although it's early days yet, he thinks he might have hit on a solution to the problem it might be a cure for cancer, but it's early days yet. we will have to carry out lots of tests before we can tell.
5 (first) [+man, Church] primitivo; [+settlers, pioneers, Christians] primer
the early Victorians los primeros victorianos; an early Victorian table una mesa de principios de la era victoriana; Shakespeare's early work las primeras obras de Shakespeare
6 (Hort) [+fruit, vegetable, crop] temprano
1 (ahead of time) [+arrive, leave, get up, go to bed] temprano; pronto
before the normal or expected time
he arrived ten minutes early llegó diez minutos antes de la hora; llegó con diez minutos de anticipación
to come an hour early
he took his summer holiday early se tomó las vacaciones de verano pronto; to book early reservar con anticipación; I don't want to get there too early no quiero llegar demasiado pronto
early to bed, early to rise (makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise) a quien madruga, Dios le ayuda
2 (soon) pronto
the earliest I can do it is Tuesday lo más pronto que lo podré hacer será el martes; as early as possible lo más pronto posible; cuanto antes; as early as 1978 ya en 1978
3 (towards beginning of sth) (in morning) temprano
you get up too early te levantas demasiado temprano; madrugas demasiado
early in the [morning] we arrived early in the morning he got up early in the morning
(in period, process)
early in sth
early in the afternoon a primera hora de la tarde; early in the book en las primeras páginas del libro
The book was published early in February
early in the war a principios de la guerra; early in the week a principios de semana; early in the year a principios de año; early in 1915 a principios de 1915; early in his life en su juventud; Red Ribbon fell early in the race Red Ribbon tuvo una caída al principio de la carrera
early last century a principios del siglo pasado
early next year a principios del año que viene
early on in his career en los primeros años de su carrera
earlier on anteriormente; antes
early this month a principios de (este) mes
early today a primera hora de hoy
early bird (n) madrugadoramadrugadora (m) (f);a madrugadora
it's the early bird that catches the worm al que madruga Dios le ayuda
early closing (n)(also early-closing day) (Britain) día en que muchas tiendas solo abren por la mañana
early closing is on Mondays el lunes muchas tiendas solo abren por la mañana
the Early Middle Ages (n) la Alta Edad Media
early warning system (n) sistema (m) de alarma temprana or precoz; sistema (m) de alerta temprana or precoz
Iraq's early warning system against air attacks has completely failed the early warning system did not work because the gas increased to a dangerous level just 20 seconds before the explosion we need an early warning system for volcanic eruptions
pain acts as the body's early warning system el dolor actúa como un sistema de alarma or alerta precoz
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