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1. cada
  • each day cada día
  • each one of us todos (y cada uno de) nosotros
2. cada uno (both, all)
  • each of us cada uno de nosotros
  • we each earn £300 ganamos cada uno 300 libras
  • peaches at 25 pence each melocotones a 25 peniques la pieza or cada uno
  • a little of each un poco de cada (uno)
3. (reciprocal)
  • to hate each other odiarse
  • to kiss each other besarse
  • to support each other apoyarse mutuamente
  • we write to each other nos escribimos
each [iːtʃ]
each day cada día; each house has its own garden todas las casas tienen jardín; each one of them cada uno (de ellos); each and every one of them todos y cada uno de ellos
each and every one of them arrived late each and every child
1 cada uno
each of us cada uno de nosotros; cada quien; (LAm) he gave each of us £10 nos dio 10 libras a cada uno; a little of each un poco de cada
each other: they looked at each other se miraron (uno a otro); they help each other se ayudan mutuamente or entre ellos; people must help each other hay que ayudarse (uno a otro); they love each other se quieren; we write to each other nos escribimos; they don't know each other no se conocen; they were sorry for each other se compadecían entre ellos; their houses are next to each other sus casas están una al lado de la otra or juntas; (LAm)
we gave them one apple each les dimos una manzana por persona; they cost £5 each costaron 5 libras cada uno
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