Usage note
This word may also be spelled "dike." Words labeled “extremely offensive” are profoundly insulting and are often used to discriminate or offend. However, this word may be used by a member of the LGBT community in a way not intended to offend in the sense shown in 5.
1. (flood barrier) 
a. el dique (M) 
In 1953, the floods were strong enough to burst the dike.En 1953, las inundaciones fueron tan fuertes que rompieron el dique.
2. (watercourse) 
The body of the murdered woman had lain undiscovered in a dike for two decades.Pasaron dos décadas antes de que se descubriera en la acequia el cadáver de la mujer asesinada.
3. (causeway) 
The paddy fields are separated by a network of dykes.Los arrozales están separados por una red de calzadas.
4. (embankment) 
The dyke, originally built as a defense against the English, is now part of a long-distance trail.El terraplén, originalmente construido como defensa contra los ingleses, ahora forma parte de un sendero de larga distancia.
5. (extremely offensive) (vulgar) (lesbian) 
a. la tortillera (F) (extremely offensive) (vulgar) 
All the guys in the office say Lesley must be a dyke because she hates men.Todos los chicos en la oficina dicen que Lesley tiene que ser una tortillera porque odia a los hombres.
dyke [daɪk]
1 (barrier) dique (m); (channel) canal (m); acequia (f); (causeway) calzada (f); (embankment) terraplén (m)
2 (lesbian) tortillera (vulgar) (f)
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