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1. aburrido(a) (boring) (book, film, person); insulso(a), soso(a) (job, life, party)
  • to be as dull as ditchwater ser más soso(a) que la calabaza
2. tonto(a), torpe (not intelligent), sonso(a) (Am), zonzo(a) (Am)
3. romo(a) (not sharp) (tool, blade); sordo(a) (sound, pain)
4. mate, apagado(a) (not bright) (color, surface); apagado(a) (eyes); gris, triste (weather, sky)
transitive verb
5. enturbiar (reduce intensity of) (pleasure); embotar (the senses); mitigar, atenuar (pain); apagar (sound); desafilar, embotar (blade)
6. apagar (make less bright) (colors, eyes)
dull [dʌl]
duller (comparative)dullest (superlative)
1 (boring) [+person, speech, book, evening, job] aburrido; pesado; [+place] aburrido; soso; [+style, food] soso
deadly dull terriblemente aburrido; aburridísimo; there's never a dull moment here in the office aquí en la oficina no nos aburrimos nunca
as dull as ditchwater terriblemente aburrido
2 (not bright) [+colour, metal, glow] apagado; [+eyes] apagado; sin brillo; [+hair, skin, complexion] sin brillo; [+weather] nublado; [+sky, day] gris
his eyes were dull and lifeless sus ojos estaban apagados y sin vida; dull, lifeless hair pelo sin brillo, sin vida; it will be dull at first (Metal) al principio estará nublado
3 (not sharp) [+pain, feeling, sound] sordo
it fell with a dull thud or thump cayó con un golpe sordo
4 (lethargic, withdrawn) [+person, mood] deprimido; desanimado
5 (slow-witted) [+person, mind] torpe; [+pupil] lento
his senses or faculties are growing dull está perdiendo facultades; to be dull of hearing ser duro de oído
6 (blunt) [+blade, knife] romo
7 (Comm) [+trade, business, market] flojo
transitive verb
[+senses, blade] embotar; [+emotions] enfriar; [+pain] aliviar; [+sound] amortiguar; [+mind, memory] entorpecer; [+colour] apagar; [+mirror, metal] deslustrar; quitar el brillo de; [+sensitivity] embrutecer; [+grief] atenuar
the explosion dulled her hearing la explosión la dejó dura de oído
intransitive verb
[+light] amortiguarse; [+colour] apagarse; perder intensidad; [+metal] deslustrarse; perder brillo; [+memory] entorpecerse; [+senses] embotarse
his eyes dulled sus ojos perdieron brillo
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