Duck in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. pato (m)
  • to take to something like a duck to water sentirse en algo como pez en el agua
  • criticism runs off him like water off a duck's back le resomebodyalan las críticas
  • duck pond estanque (m) de patos
transitive verb
2. agachar (one's head)
  • to duck somebody hacer una ahogadilla a alguien (under water)
3. (avoid)
  • to duck the issue eludir el tema
intransitive verb
4. agacharse (to avoid being hit); zambullirse (under water)
duck [dʌk]
ducks duck
1 (Orn) pato (m); (female) pata (f)
wild duck pato (m) salvaje
to be a dead duck
he's a dead duck está quemado; that issue is a dead duck esa cuestión ya no tiene interés
to play ducks and drakes hacer saltar una piedra plana sobre el agua
to play ducks and drakes with despilfarrar
to take to sth like a duck to water sentirse como pez en el agua en or con algo; encontrarse en seguida en su elemento con algo
like water off a duck's back
2 (Cricket) cero (m)
to make a duck be out for a duck (Britain) ser eliminado a cero
3 (movement) (under water) zambullida (f); (to escape, avoid) agachada (f); (Boxing) finta (f); esquiva (f);
4 (as form of address)
yes, duck(s) (Britain) sí, cariño
transitive verb
1 (plunge in water) [+person, head] zambullir
2 (lower)
to duck one's head agachar la cabeza
3 (avoid) [+problem, question] eludir; esquivar
intransitive verb
(also duck down) agacharse; agachar la cabeza; (in fight) esquivar el golpe; (under water) sumergirse;
duck soup (n) (US)
it's just duck soup es pan comido; es coser y cantar
duck [dʌk]
(US) dril (m)
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