1. (intoxicated) 
a. borracho 
After drinking four glasses of tequila, she was quite drunk.Después de tomar cuatro vasos de tequila, ella estaba bastante borracha.
b. ebrio 
The drunk man couldn't stand up.El hombre ebrio no se pudo parar.
c. tomado (Latin America) 
Don't talk to him right now; he's drunk.No le hables en este momento; está tomado.
2. (dominated by a feeling) 
a. ebrio 
The dictator was drunk with power.El dictador estaba ebrio de poder.
3. (a person who abuses alcohol) 
Don't listen to him; that drunk doesn't know what he is saying.No le hagas caso; ese borracho no sabe lo que dice.
1. (general) 
a. el borracho(a) (M)la borracho(a) (F) 
2. (general) 
a. borracho(a) 
to be drunkestar borracho(a)
to get drunkemborracharse
3. (law) 
a. no direct translation 
drunk and disorderly behaviorestado de embriaguez con conducta violenta
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
drunk with powerebrio(a) de poder
drunk [drʌŋk]
drunker (comparative)drunkest (superlative)
1 borracho; tomado; (LAm)
drunk and disorderly behaviour (Jur) embriaguez (f) y alteración (f) del orden público; he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly lo detuvieron por embriaguez y alteración del orden público
to get drunk emborracharse
to get sb drunk emborrachar a algn
to be drunk on whisky estar borracho de whisky
to get drunk on wine emborracharse de vino
to be as drunk as a lord or a skunk estar borracho como una cuba (informal)
to be blind rolling drunk
2 ebrio
to be drunk on or with success estar ebrio de éxito
borrachoaborracha (m) (f);a borracha
drunk driver (n) conductoraconductora (m) (f) en estado de embriaguez;a conductora
a campaign against drunk drivers una campaña contra los que beben y conducen
drunk driving (n) especially (US)
Phrases with "drunk"
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drunk driving
conducir en estado de embriaguez
I am drunk
estoy borracho
get drunk
emborracharse, emborráchate
be drunk
estar borracho
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