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1. borracho(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino)
2. borracho(a)
  • to be drunk estar borracho(a)
  • to get drunk emborracharse
  • drunk and disorderly behavior (Law) estado (m) de embriaguez con conducta violenta
  • drunk with power (sentido figurado) ebrio(a) de poder
participio passado of drink
drunk [drʌŋk]
drunker (comparative)drunkest (superlative)
1 borracho; tomado; (LAm)
drunk and disorderly behaviour (Jur) embriaguez (f) y alteración (f) del orden público; he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly lo detuvieron por embriaguez y alteración del orden público
to get drunk emborracharse
to get sb drunk emborrachar a algn
to be drunk on whisky estar borracho de whisky
to get drunk on wine emborracharse de vino
to be as drunk as a lord or a skunk estar borracho como una cuba (informal)
to be blind rolling drunk
2 ebrio
to be drunk on or with success estar ebrio de éxito
borrachoaborracha (m) (f);a borracha
drunk driver (n) conductoraconductora (m) (f) en estado de embriaguez;a conductora
a campaign against drunk drivers una campaña contra los que beben y conducen
drunk driving (n) especially (US)
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