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1. tambor (m) (musical instrument)
  • drum kit, drums batería (f)
2. barril (m) (container); tambor (m) (of washing machine); bidón (m) (for oil)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp drummed)
  • she was drumming her fingers on the table estaba tamborileando en la mesa con los dedos
  • to drum something into somebody meterle algo en la cabeza a alguien
intransitive verb
3. tocar la batería (play drums)
  • the rain was drumming on the window panes la lluvia golpeaba en los cristales
drum [drʌm]
1 (Mús) tambor (m)
to play (the) drums tocar la batería
to beat or bang the drum for sth/sb dar bombo a algo/algn; anunciar algo/a algn a bombo y platillo
The trade secretary disagreed but promised to "bang the drum for industry" If the French want to beat the drum for French culture, good luck to them This week the Sun has been banging the drum for its great hero, Maggie Thatcher
2 (container) (for oil) bidón (m); (Téc) (cylinder, machine part) tambor (m)
3 (Anat) (also eardrum) tímpano (m)
transitive verb
to drum one's fingers on the table tamborilear con los dedos sobre la mesa; to drum sth into sb meter algo a algn en la cabeza por la fuerza; I had it drummed into me as a child de niño me hicieron comprender eso a la fuerza or a fuerza de repetírmelo
intransitive verb
(Mús) tocar el tambor etc; (tap) (with fingers) tamborilear
the noise was drumming in my ears el ruido me estaba taladrando los oídos; his words drummed in my mind el eco de sus palabras resonaba en mi cabeza
drum brake (n) (Aut) freno (m) de tambor
drum machine (n) caja (f) de ritmos
drum major (n) (Britain) tambor (m) mayor
drum majorette (n) especially (US) bastonera (f)
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