drugs is the plural form of drug.
1. (medicine) 
a. el medicamento (M) 
2. (illegal) 
a. la droga (F) 
hard/soft drugsdrogas duras/blandas
to take drugsdrogarse, tomar drogas
drug abusedrogadicción f
drug addictdrogadicto(a) m,f, toxicómano(a) m,f
drug dealernarcotraficante m,f, traficante mf de drogas
drug squadbrigada de estupefacientes
transitive verb
3. (general) 
a. drogar 
they had drugged his wine/foodle echaron una droga en el vino/la comida
drug [drʌɡ]
(Med) medicamento (m); fármaco (m); (addictive substance) droga (f); (illegal substance) droga (f); narcótico (m)
to take drugs drogarse; he's on drugs se droga; hard/soft drugs drogas (f) duras/blandas
to be a drug on the market ser invendible
transitive verb
[+person] drogar; [+wine etc] echar una droga en
to be in a drugged sleep dormir bajo los efectos de una droga; to drug o.s. drogarse
drug abuse (n) toxicomanía (f)
drug abuser (n) toxicómanoatoxicómana (m) (f);a toxicómana
drug addict (n) drogadictoadrogadicta (m) (f);a drogadicta
drug addiction (n) drogadicción (f); toxicomanía (f)
drug baron (n) capo (m)
drug check (n) prueba (f) de la droga; control (m) antidoping
drug dealer (n) traficante (m) de drogas
drug dependency (n) drogodependencia (f)
drug habit (n) adicción (f) (a las drogas)
drug peddler drug pusher (n) traficante (m) de drogas; camello (informal) (m)
drug raid (US) (n) redada (f) antidroga
...a police drugs raid on a public house in Kent Last March police staged a highly publicized drug raid on three fraternities at the University of Virginia
drug ring (US) (n) red (f) de narcotráfico
A major drugs ring has been uncovered at Prince Andrew's naval base ...the country's largest drug ring, the Medellin cocaine cartel
drug runner drug smuggler (n) narcotraficante (m)
drug squad (n) brigada (f) antidrogas; brigada (f) de estupefacientes
drugs raid (n) redada (f) antidroga
drugs ring (n) red (f) de narcotráfico
drug taker (n)
drug user See culture box in entry drug.
drug traffic (n) narcotráfico (m); tráfico (m) de drogas
drug trafficker (n) traficante (m) de drogas; narcotraficante (m)
drug trafficking (n) narcotráfico (m); tráfico (m) de drogas
In March of 1989, William Bennett became the first director of the newly created National Drug Control Policy Office. And he became known as the drug czar. The goal was to come up with a coordinated response that would allow the US to get control of the country's drug problem
drug user (n) consumidoraconsumidora (m) (f) de drogas;a consumidora drogadictoadrogadicta (m) (f);a drogadicta
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