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1. viaje (m) (en coche or (trip) carro or (Am) auto) (CSur)
  • it's an hour's drive away está a una hora en coche or carro or (Am) auto (CSur)
  • to go for or take a drive dar una vuelta en coche, dar un paseo en (español de España) carro or (Am) auto (CSur)
2. tracción (f) (automóbiles) (of car)
  • four-wheel drive cuatro por cuatro m inv, vehículo (m) con tracción a or (car) en las cuatro ruedas; (Am) tracción (f) a or (system) en las cuatro ruedas (Am)
  • left-hand drive vehículo (m) con el volante al or (car) del lado izquierdo (Am)
3. unidad (f) de disco (informática)
4. golpe (m) largo, drive (m) (in golf) ; drive (m) golpe (m) natural (in tennis)
5. camino (m) de entrada (of house)
6. brío (m) empuje (m) (initiative, energy)
7. (campaign)
  • sales/membership drive campaña (f) de ventas/para captar socios
verbo transitivo (pt drove [drəʊv], pp driven [ˈdrɪvən])
8. conducir (car, train) , manejar (Am)
  • to drive somebody somewhere llevar a alguien a algún sitio en coche or carro or (Am) auto (CSur)
9. conducir, guiar (direct, guide) (cattle, people)
  • to drive somebody to do something empujar a alguien a que haga algo
  • to drive prices up/down hacer que los precios suban/bajen
  • to drive somebody mad volver loco(a) a alguien
  • to drive oneself too hard trabajar demasiado
  • to drive a hard bargain ser un/una duro(a) negociador(ora), no regalar nada a nadie
10. impulsar, hacer funcionar (machine)
  • to be driven by electricity funcionar con electricidad
intransitive verb
11. conducir (in car) , manejar (Am)
  • can you drive? ¿sabes conducir or manejar? (Am)
  • to drive to work ir al trabajo en coche or carro or (Am) auto (CSur)
drive [draɪv] drove (past)driven (participle:past)
1 (journey, outing)
it's a long drive se tarda mucho en coche; it's only a short drive from here desde aquí se tarda poco en coche; one hour's drive from London a una hora en coche de Londres; it's a 50 mile drive está a una distancia de 50 millas; to go for a drive ir a dar una vuelta or un paseo en coche
let's go for a drive on Sunday
2 (private road) (in front of garage) entrada (f); (to large house) camino (m) (de acceso); avenida (f)
his car was parked in the drive su coche estaba aparcado en la entrada
the tree-lined drive to the castle 23 Queen's Drive, Malvern
3 (Tennis) golpe (m) directo; drive (m); (Golf) drive (m)
Woosnam sliced his drive into the bushes a hard drive to the boundary
4 (energy, motivation) empuje (m); dinamismo (m)
he'll be best remembered for his drive and enthusiasm
to have drive tener empuje or dinamismo
to lack drive no tener empuje or dinamismo
she has enormous/no drive I could see his future, his career, drifting, decent roles but never the lead. Matthew had no drive. He coasted along on his good looks. He needed someone to goad him he'd had the drive and ambition to claw his way up the career ladder they lack the drive to learn a new trade or discipline He had tremendous drive and nobody has worked harder to improve he has the drive to get ahead and make something of himself some women don't mind being aggressive to compensate for their partner's lack of drive
5 (Psychology and Psychiatry) (impulse) impulso (m); instinto (m)
sex drive libido (f); líbido (f); apetito (m) sexual; to have a high/low sex drive tener la libido or líbido alta/baja; tener mucho/poco apetito sexual
6 (campaign, effort) campaña (f)
Nike's massive advertising drive a charity drive
a recruitment drive una campaña de reclutamiento
the ANC has launched a nationwide recruitment drive the Army is gearing up for a recruitment drive in Bay Area high schools Euro Disney's first recruitment drive in Britain
a sales drive una promoción de ventas
The Sun started an aggressive sales drive in Scotland, launching a new edition she has authorised a Pounds 50,000 sales-drive to offload the nine-bedroom villa Jaguar's most successful sales drive, which featured a boy and the slogan Some Day, Some Day
the drive towards industrialization el camino hacia la industrialización
7 (Téc) (power transmission system) transmisión (f); propulsión (f); (Aut)
four-wheel drive tracción (f) en las cuatro ruedas
a four-wheel drive jeep un jeep con tracción en las cuatro ruedas
front-wheel/rear-wheel drive tracción (f) delantera/trasera
a left-hand/right-hand drive car un coche con el volante a la izquierda/derecha
8 (gear position in automatic car) marcha (f)
to put the car in drive poner el coche en marcha
9 (Comput) (also disk drive) unidad (f) de disco
equipment such as terminals, tape drives and printers the 3-inch drive became the disk of the eighties
CD-ROM drive unidad (f) de CD-ROM
10 (tournament)
whist drive certamen (m) de whist
she loved her weekly whist drives
11 (Mil) (attack) ofensiva (f)
the Serbian-controlled army continues its drive in Bosnia
transitive verb
1 (operate) [+car, bus, train] conducir; manejar; (LAm) [+racing car, speedboat] pilotar
he drives a taxi es taxista; she drives a Mercedes tiene un Mercedes
this car is easy to drive because of the light controls
2 (carry) [+passenger] llevar (en coche)
I'll drive you home te llevo a tu casa; he drove me to the station me llevó a la estación
can you drive me to work tomorrow?
3 (power) [+machine, vehicle] hacer funcionar
a car driven by steam a machine driven by electricity the wheels are driven by electric motors
4 (cause to move)
they drive the cattle to new pastures conducen el ganado a otros pastos; the wind drove the rain into our eyes el viento hacía que la lluvia nos azotaba en los ojos; a strong wind was driving the clouds across the sky un viento fuerte arrastraba las nubes por el cielo; the gale drove the ship off course el temporal hizo que el barco perdiera su rumbo; troops drove the demonstrators off the streets las tropas obligaron a los manifestantes a abandonar las calles
5 (push, hammer) [+nail, stake] clavar;into en
to drive a post into the ground clavar or hincar un poste en el suelo; she drove her fist straight into his face le dio con el puño justo en la cara
we used a mallet to drive the tent pegs into the ground
6 (excavate) [+tunnel] abrir; construir; [+hole] perforar; [+furrow] hacer
7 (force)
I was driven to it me vi forzado a ello; competition has driven prices down la competencia ha hecho que bajen los precios; hunger eventually drove him out of the house finalmente el hambre lo empujó a salir de la casa; high prices are driving local people out of the area el que los precios sean tan altos está haciendo que la gente se vaya a vivir a otras zonas; the recession drove them into bankruptcy la recesión los llevó a la bancarrota
she drove him too far with her constant nagging inflation is driving prices up the offensive drove thousands of people out of the country hard work and stress drove him to drink
to drive sb to despair llevar a algn a la desesperación
to drive sb to drink
his worries drove him to drink sus problemas le llevaron a la bebida; it's enough to drive you to drink te crispa los nervios
to drive sth into sb's [head]
to drive sb mad volver loco a algn
the noise in this place would drive you barmy that guy drives me wild to drive a [point] home
8 (impel, motivate) empujar; mover
he was driven by greed/ambition lo empujaba or movía la avaricia/ambición
jealousy drives people to murder a man driven by the need to win the psychological urges which drive us
to drive sb to do sth drive sb into doing sth empujar or llevar a algn a hacer algo
depression drove him to attempt suicide la depresión le empujó or llevó a intentar suicidarse; what drove you to write this book? ¿qué le empujó or llevó a escribir este libro?
I can't even imagine what drove him to do these things no one knows what drove her to abandon her husband and family for a life in the jungle
9 (overwork)
to drive sb hard hacer trabajar mucho a algn
he drove the horses too hard I think his boss is driving him too hard
she is driving herself too hard se está exigiendo demasiado
he drove himself ever harder in his attempt to prove himself Alex is driving himself too hard, and I don't know how to stop him he's been quite superb in getting himself fit. He's driven himself really hard That morning, she'd had a panic attack, common among people who drive themselves past exhaustion
10 (Dep) [+ball] mandar
he drove the ball into the covers she drove it from the baseline he turned and drove the ball into the back of the net
intransitive verb
1 (operate vehicle) conducir; manejar; (LAm)
can you drive? ¿sabes conducir or manejar?; (LAm)
how long have you been driving? he had been driving all day posters encouraging people to drive safely to [learn] to drive I was 17 when I learned to drive
to drive on the left circular por la izquierda
2 (go)
he drove alone hizo el viaje en coche solo; we've driven 50 miles in the last hour hemos recorrido 80km (con el coche) en la última hora; next time we'll drive there la próxima vez iremos en coche; he drives around in an expensive car va por ahí en un coche de esos caros
once you get into the countryside you can drive for miles
to drive at 50km an hour ir (en un coche) a 50km por hora
we'll drive down in the car this weekend este fin de semana bajaremos en coche
he drove into a wall chocó con un muro
she drove [into] the garage
to drive to London ir a Londres en coche
3 (handle) conducirse; manejarse; (LAm)
the new Ford drives really well el nuevo Ford se conduce or se maneja muy bien; (LAm)
4 (beat)
heavy rain drove against the window la fuerte lluvia azotaba el cristal
hit with driver
drive shaft (n) (Aut) árbol (m) motor


masculine noun
1. drive (computing)
2. forehand (en tenis, golf)
(Golf) (Tenis) drive
Verb Conjugations for conducir
Gerund: conduciendo
Participle: conducido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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