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1. taladradora (f) (electric tool); taladro (m) (manual) (manual tool); torno (m) (of dentist); martillo (m) neumático (pneumatic)
  • drill bit broca (f)
  • drill hole taladro (m) ; (in wood, brick) perforación (f) (for oil well)
2. ejercicio (m) (training)
  • fire drill simulacro (m) de incendio
transitive verb
3. perforar (well, road)
  • to drill a hole in something taladrar un agujero en algo
4. entrenar (train) (soldiers)
  • to drill pupils in pronunciation hacer practicar la pronunciación a los alumnos
  • to drill something into somebody (familiar) meterle algo en la cabeza a alguien
intransitive verb
  • to drill for oil hacer perforaciones en búsqueda or busca de petróleo (español de España)
5. entrenar, practicar (troops)
drill [drɪl]
1 (for wood, metal) taladradora (f); taladro (m); (bit) broca (f); (Min) (for oil etc) barrena (f); perforadora (f); (dentist's drill) fresa (f); (pneumatic drill) martillo (m) neumático
2 (Agr) (furrow) surco (m); (machine) sembradora (f)
transitive verb
[+wood, road] taladrar; perforar; [+tooth] agujerear; [+oil well] perforar; (Agr) sembrar con sembradora
workmen were drilling the road outside
he drilled a hole in the wall hizo or taladró un agujero en la pared
intransitive verb
perforar;for en busca de;
drill [drɪl]
(exercises) (Mil) instrucción (f); (Educ) ejercicios (m)
fire drill simulacro (m) de incendio; you all know the drill todos sabéis lo que hay que hacer; what's the drill? ¿qué es lo que tenemos que hacer?
transitive verb
[+soldiers] ejercitar
to drill pupils in grammar hacer ejercicios de gramática con los alumnos; to drill good manners into a child enseñar buenos modales a un niño; I had it drilled into me as a boy me lo inculcaron de niño
intransitive verb
(Mil) hacer instrucción
drill [drɪl]
(fabric) dril (m)
Verb Conjugations for taladrar
Gerund: taladrando
Participle: taladrado
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