Dress in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. vestido (m) (for woman)
2. traje (m) (clothing)
  • to have good/no dress sense saber/no saber vestirse, tener/no tener estilo para vestir
  • dress circle piso (m) principal (in theater)
  • dress rehearsal ensayo (m) general (of play)
  • dress shirt camisa (f) de vestir
transitive verb
3. vestir (person)
  • to dress oneself, to get dressed vestirse
  • to be dressed in black ir vestido(a) de negro
  • well/badly dressed bien/mal vestido(a)
4. vendar (wound)
5. aderezar (salad) , aliñar (español de España)
  • dressed crab changurro (m)
intransitive verb
6. vestirse
dress [dres]
1 (frock) vestido (m)
she was wearing a long, black dress
2 (clothing) ropa (f)
he's usually smart in his dress suele vestir con elegancia; a Maori in Western dress un maorí vestido a la forma occidental; they were wearing traditional Nepalese dress vestían el traje tradicional or típico de Nepal
in traditional dress he was slovenly in his dress in eastern dress women in evening dress
formal dress will be required el traje de etiqueta es de rigor
transitive verb
1 (put clothes on) vestir
she dressed the baby in clean clothes le puso ropita limpia al niño
the designer had to dress her models for the show to dress [o.s.]
he hasn't learned how to dress himself yet todavía no ha aprendido a vestirse
she dressed herself neatly for work patients should be encouraged to dress themselves to dress the part to wear clothes appropriate to an activity if you want to do business in this town, you'll have to dress the part she dressed the part of a lady in a grand mansion
2 (Cookery) [+salad] aliñar; aderezar; [+meat, fish] preparar y condimentar
her mother dressed the meat toss and dress the salad before serving a bowl of dressed salad
3 (decorate, arrange) [+hair] peinar; arreglar; [+shop window] decorar; [+Christmas tree] adornar; decorar
they spent Christmas Eve dressing the tree
4 (Med) [+wound] vendar
the nurses were taught to dress wounds and tie bandages
5 (Agr) [+land] abonar
6 (Mil) [+troops] alinear
to dress [ranks]
7 [+stone, metal] dar el acabado a; [+skins] curtir
to groom an animal, especially a horse to decorate a vessel by displaying all the signal flags along the lines from bow to stern to dress [ship]
intransitive verb
1 (put on clothes) vestirse
he dressed quickly and left se vistió deprisa y se marchó
he told Sarah to wait while he dressed
2 (wear specified clothes) vestir
she dresses very well viste muy bien; va muy bien vestida
he dresses in a way that lets everyone know he has authority to dress [in] sth
she always used to dress in jeans/black solía ir siempre vestida con vaqueros/de negro
to dress to the left/right colgar hacia la izquierda/derecha
3 (wear formal clothes)
to dress for dinner [+man] ponerse smoking para cenar; [+woman] ponerse traje de noche para cenar; they always dress for dinner siempre (se) ponen elegantes para cenar
4 (Mil) alinearse
right dress! ¡vista a la derecha!
dress circle (n) anfiteatro (m); (piso (m)) principal (m)
dress coat (n) frac (m)
dress code (n) regulaciones en materia de indumentaria o uniforme
there is a strict dress code. Men wear ties and jackets to dinner at night a dress code is in force after 6pm there are no hard rules, no dress code The only concession to Sunday working was the removal of the tie; otherwise, /the customary dress code applied/ .../a dress code that doesn't allow students to wear gym shoes/
dress designer (n) modistoamodista (m) (f);a modista
dress length (n) (material) corte (m) de vestido
dress parade (n) (US) (Mil) desfile (m) de gala
dress rehearsal (n) ensayo (m) general
dress sense (n) gusto (m) para vestir
he has no dress sense no tiene gusto para vestir; he has immaculate dress sense tiene un gusto impecable para vestir
the Queen's dress sense is appalling, but rarely commented on they are scruffy and show no dress sense he needs to learn better dress sense she has captivated the world with her radiant looks, perfect figure and immaculate dress sense
dress shirt (n) camisa (f) de frac; camisa (f) de etiqueta
dress suit (n) traje (m) de etiqueta
dress uniform (n) (Mil) uniforme (m) de gala
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