1. (air resistance) 
a. la resistencia del aire (F) 
drag racingcarreras de aceleración en coches preparados
2. (colloquial) 
a. el plomo m, pelma (M)la plomo m, pelma (F) (person) 
3. (task) 
a. la rollo m, lata (F) 
the party was a real dragla fiesta fue un rollazo
4. (colloquial) 
a. la chupada (F) (on cigarette) 
b. la calada (F) (Spain) 
c. la pitada (F) (Latin America) 
to take a drag on a cigarettedar una chupada a un cigarrillo
5. (women's clothing) 
he was in dragiba vestido de mujer
drag artist or queentransformista m, travestí m
transitive verb
6. (pull) 
a. arrastrar 
7. (fig) 
they dragged their feet over the decisionse anduvieron con muchos rodeos hasta tomar la decisión
8. (colloquial) 
we eventually dragged ourselves away from the partyfinalmente y a regañadientes nos fuimos de la fiesta
9. (trawl; pond, canal) 
a. dragar 
intransitive verb
10. (film, conversation) 
a. resultar pesado(a) 
the meeting dragged to a closela reunión terminó por fin
drag [dræɡ]
1 (restraint)
the satellite acts like a drag on the shuttle el satélite hace más lento el avance del transbordador espacial; the region is a drag on the country's financial resources la región supone una sangría or un desaguadero para los recursos económicos del país; these conservative institutions were seen as a drag on progress estas instituciones conservadoras eran consideradas un obstáculo or estorbo para el progreso
spending cuts will put a drag on growth the drag on the economy caused by high oil prices The insurance industry has been the biggest drag on comprehensive health-care reform for years as he plodded through the snow, the drag grew stronger against his legs in the strong currents \the buoy produced a drag on the anchor\
2 (Aer) (resistance) resistencia (f) aerodinámica
the thin air there will effect how far a baseball will fly; less air pressure means less drag on the ball the drag of the extra air molecules brought the satellite crashing to earth aircraft design has to take account of the drag factor Shorts built a seaplane with a radial engine designed to reduce drag
3 (boring thing) lata (informal) (f); rollo (m) (informal); (Esp)
what a drag! ¡qué lata! (informal); ¡qué rollo! (informal); (Esp) she's a real drag! ¡qué tía más pesada! (informal)
shopping for clothes is such a drag a dry sandwich is a drag to eat
4 (on cigarette) chupada (f); calada (f); (Esp)
come on, give me a drag! he took a long, deep drag and started to speak
he took a long drag on his cigarette le dio una chupada or calada larga al cigarro; (Esp)
5 (women's clothes)
he was wearing drag iba vestido de mujer; iba travestido
the pub has drag on Wednesdays and strippers on Saturdays
a man in drag un hombre vestido de mujer; un hombre travestido
the band dressed up in drag can we have sth like: salieron al escenario vestidos de mujer, it sounds better in Spanish
the main drag (US) la avenida principal
7 (dragnet) red (f) barredera; (dredge) draga (f)
8 (US) (influence) enchufe (informal) (m)
he heard the slight drag of her footsteps on the carpet when he examined the tracks, he detected some drag marks
transitive verb
1 (pull) arrastrar
he dragged his chair towards the table arrastró su silla hacia la mesa; they dragged the man out of the car sacaron al hombre del coche a rastras; she managed to drag herself clear of the wreckage consiguió salir a duras penas del coche siniestrado
there were signs she'd been dragged across the grass she dragged the suitcases across the smooth floor the rocket is designed to drag a satellite through space
to drag sb's (good) name through the mud or dirt arrastrar el buen nombre de algn por el lodo
he didn't want his name dragged through the dirt we don't want to see a respected institution dragged through the mud like this
2 (trail) [+injured limb, coat] arrastrar
I don't want to drag the children round the supermarket no quiero ir tirando de los niños por el supermercado
she dragged her coat behind her he drags his leg and he can barely lift his arm
to drag one's feet arrastrar los pies; to drag one's feet or heels dar largas (al asunto); the government has been dragging its feet or heels on this issue el gobierno ha estado dando largas a este asunto
the government was dragging its feet and impeding the peace process she walked with her skirt tucked up, dragging her feet in the puddles he invented excuses not to go to school, dragged his feet, but went nonetheless
3 (force)
the government didn't want to drag the nation into a war el gobierno no quería arrastrar al país a una guerra; I have to drag myself into the office in the mornings por las mañanas me cuesta muchísimo (trabajo) ir a la oficina; I don't want to get dragged into your argument no quiero que me mezcléis en vuestra discusión; we had to drag the truth out of him tuvimos que sacarle la verdad a la fuerza
my friends dragged me to the pub last night measures to drag the country out of recession I'm such a workaholic that sometimes \my colleagues drag me, kicking and screaming, from my desk\ when are these fuddy-duddies going to drag themselves out of the past? why should she have dragged him into the argument? we might find ourselves dragged into new wars drag o.s somewhere it's hard to drag myself out and exercise regularly I'm so weak that I have to drag myself from one chair to another to drag sth [out of] sb every piece of information had to be dragged out of the authorities
4 (dredge, search) [+sea bed, river] dragar
big, offshore boats dragging the ocean bottom
intransitive verb
1 (go very slowly) [+time] pasar muy lentamente; [+film, play] hacerse pesado
the minutes dragged by los minutos pasaban muy lentamente or se alargaban sin fin
the film began to drag after the first hour the first act was excellent, but the second dragged as the hours dragged by her worry could not be disguised time drags when you're waiting for sth
2 (trail) [+skirt, coat] arrastrar
her skirt was dragging on the floor la falda le iba arrastrando por el suelo; iba arrastrando la falda por el suelo
look out, your scarf's dragging behind you!
3 (not keep pace) rezagarse
he dragged along, at quite a distance from the others
4 (dredge, search)
to drag for sth dragar en busca de algo
drag and [drop] Real power rests in the drag-and-drop facility to cut, copy, and move branches with a mouse
drag artist (n) transformista (m); travesti (m)
Some grotesque drag artist took to the stage and started to take the mickey out of the Queen
drag car (n) coche (m) trucado
drag hunt (n) deporte en el que los perros salen a la caza de un objeto perfumado en lugar de un animal
if the purpose of hunting is not to spill blood, why not have a drag hunt?
drag (para)chute (n) paracaídas (m) de frenado
drag queen (n) drag-queen (informal) (f); reinona (informal) (f); travesti (m)
drag race (n) (US) (Aut) carrera de coches trucados de salida parada
a drag racing enthusiast a drag racing movie
drag show (n) espectáculo (m) de drag-queens (informal); espectáculo (m) de reinonas (informal); espectáculo (m) de travestismo
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