"don" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. profesor(ora) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (universidad) (británico)
verbo transitivo
1. enfundarse, ponerse (Formal) (hat, clothes)

don [don]
1. Don, antes título honorífico y de dignidad en España y hoy tratamiento usual y corriente, como Señor, o Mister en inglés.
2. Profesor universitario (esp. in Oxford and Cambridge).
va. Ponerse (put on).

don [dɒn]
[+garment] ponerse; ataviarse con
don [dɒn]
1 (Britain) (Univ) catedráticoacatedrática (m) (f);a catedrática
2 (US)
a Mafia don un capo de la Mafia
Kunstler also defended an alleged Mafia don ...the neighborhood Mafia don

Verb Conjugations for "don" (go to el capo)


I don I donned I will don
you don you donned you will don
he/she dons he/she donned he/she will don
we don we donned we will don
you don you donned you will don
they don they donned they will don
Complete don conjugation >

masculine noun
1. (tratamiento)
  • don Andrés Iturbe -> Mr Andrés Iturbe; Andrés Iturbe Esquire (en cartas)
  • don Andrés -> Mr Iturbe
2. gift (habilidad)
  • don de mando -> leadership qualities
  • tener el don de la palabra -> to have the gift of speech; (cualidad humana) to be a gifted speaker (de orador)
  • tener don de gentes -> to have a way with people

don [don]
1. Gift, present. (m)
2. Gift, faculty, dexterity, knack, gracefulness, ability. (m)
  • Dones sobrenaturales -> supernatural gifts, as prophecy, etc. Don de gentes, an habitual skill to win the goodwill of those persons with whom anyone is acquainted
  • Don de acierto -> habitual dexterity in doing everything in the most successful manner
  • Don de lenguas -> gift for languages
  • Don de palabra -> gift of oratory

1 (talento) gift
tiene un don especial para la música she has a special gift for music; tiene don con los niños she has a way with children
don de gentes
tener don de gentes to know how to handle people; be good with people
tiene don de gentes
don de lenguas gift for languages
don de mando leadership qualities
; (p)
(Mil) generalship
don de palabra gift of the gab (familiar); gift of gab (familiar); (EEUU)
2 (deseo) wish
el hada le concedió tres dones the fairy gave him three wishes
3 (regalo) gift
1 (tratamiento de cortesía)
Don (en carta, sobre) Esquire; Sr. Don Fernando García (en correspondencia) Mr F. García; Fernando García Esq.; ¿habéis visto a don Fernando? have you seen Mr García?; es don perfecto, él cree que nunca se equivoca he thinks he's Mr Perfect and never makes a mistake; el rey don Pedro King Peter
2 (Arg) (Col) (tratamiento popular) mate (familiar); buddy (familiar); (EEUU)
A courtesy title, don/doña placed before the first name of an older or more senior man/woman is a way of showing them your respect when talking to them or about them. E.g. "¿Podría hablar con don César Roca?", "Buenos días doña Alicia. ¿Qué tal su viaje?" Although now becoming rarer, in Spain Don and Doña, often abbreviated to D. and Dña., are commonly used before full names on official documents and contracts. In formal correspondence, they are used in combination with Sr., Sra. and Srta., e.g. Sr. D. Bernardo Esplugas Martín, Sra. Dña. Ana Rodríguez.

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