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1. doméstico(a) (appliance, pet)
  • domestic bliss felicidad (f) hogareña
  • domestic science economía (f) doméstica (school subject) (británico)
  • domestic servant criado(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino)
  • domestic violence violencia (f) doméstica
2. interior (policy); nacional (flight, economy)
domestic [dəˈmestɪk]
1 (household) [+activities, duty, life, animal] doméstico; [+fuel] de uso doméstico; [+harmony, quarrel] familiar; [+violence] en el hogar
for domestic use para uso doméstico; she does domestic work for a living trabaja como empleada del hogar or empleada doméstica; a scene of domestic bliss una escena de felicidad familiar or doméstica
2 (home-loving) casero; hogareño
3 (Economics) (Pol) (internal) [+flight, industry, news, economy, politics] nacional; [+market, consumption, policy] nacional; interior; [+affairs, problems] nacional; interno;
domésticoadoméstica (m) (f);a doméstica empleadoaempleada (m) (f) domésticoadoméstica;a empleada a doméstica
domestic appliance (n) aparato (m) doméstico; aparato (m) de uso doméstico
domestic help (n) empleadoaempleada (m) (f) del hogar;a empleada empleadoaempleada (m) (f) domésticoadoméstica;a empleada a doméstica
domestic science (n) especially (Britain) (Educ) economía (f) doméstica; hogar (m); (Esp)
domestic science teacher (n) especially (Britain) (Educ) profesoraprofesora (m) (f) de economía doméstica;a profesora profesoraprofesora (m) (f) de hogar;a profesora (Esp)
domestic servant (n) sirvienteasirvienta (m) (f);a sirvienta domésticoadoméstica (m) (f);a doméstica
domestic service (n) servicio (m) doméstico
to be in domestic service trabajar en el servicio doméstico
domestic staff (n) (in hospital, institution) personal (m) de servicio; (in private household) servicio (m) doméstico
His domestic staff consisted of three cooks, three waitresses, a housemaid and a gardener
domestic worker (n) empleadoaempleada (m) (f) domésticoadoméstica;a empleada a doméstica
empleado* $ del hogar
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