• this is his doing -> esto es obra suya
  • it was none of my doing -> yo no he tenido nada que ver
  • that takes some doing -> eso tiene su trabajo or no es ninguna tontería
  • doings -> actividades (f pl)

doing [duin]
  • It’ll take a bit/lot of doing -> va a dar un poco de/mucho trabajo
  • That takes some doing -> eso no es nada fácil
  • It was none of our doing -> nosotros no tuvimos nada que ver (action)

doing [ˈduːɪŋ]
this is your doing esto es cosa tuya; it was none of my doing yo no he tenido nada que ver; it will take a lot of or some doing va a ser muy difícil hacerlo; costará mucho hacerlo
it'll take some doing to beat the champion
that takes some doing! ¡eso no es nada fácil!
2 doings (activities) actividades (f); (actions) acciones (f); (happenings) sucesos (m)
he recounted the day's doings hizo recuento de las actividades del día
her accounts of her children and their doings, in the letters she wrote during their infancy Anna was a fierce Presbyterian and her brother's doings upset her terribly he should be brought to justice for his evil doings they chatted a bit about the latest doings in their old hometown

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