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1. médico(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (medical)
  • to go to the doctor('s) ir al médico
  • that's just what the doctor ordered (familiar sentido figurado) me/le/etc. viene que ni pintado
2. doctor(ora) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (universidad)
transitive verb
3. amañar (familiar) (accounts, evidence)
4. castrar, capar (cat) (británico)
doctor [ˈdɒktəʳ]
1 (Med) médicoamédica (m) (f);a médica
to go to the doctor's ir al médico; Doctor Brown el doctor Brown; to be under the doctor estar bajo tratamiento médico
it was just what the doctor ordered fue mano de santo
2 (Univ) doctoradoctora (m) (f);a doctora of en
note See culture box in entry degree.
transitive verb
1 (tamper with) [+food, drink] adulterar; [+document] manipular
2 (treat) [+cold] tratar; curar
to doctor o.s. automedicarse
3 (castrate) [+cat, dog etc] castrar
doctor's degree (n) doctorado (m)
doctor's excuse (US)doctor's line (Britain)doctor's note (Britain) (n) baja (f) (médica)
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