1. (physical measure) 
What is the distance from here to the center of the city?¿Qué es la distancia desde aquí hasta el centro de la ciudad?
2. (far away) 
I could make out two figures in the distance.Pude distinguir dos figuras a lo lejos.
3. (measure of time) 
It was strange to meet my estranged brother after a distance of twenty years.Qué raro era reunir con mi hermano separado después de una distancia de veinte años.
transitive verb
4. (to separate oneself) 
She was trying to distance herself from the drugs and violence in her neighborhood.Intentaba distanciarse de las drogas y la violencia de su barrio.
1. (general) 
a. la distancia (F) 
from a distancedesde lejos
in the distanceen la lejanía
at a distance of…a una distancia de…
within five minutes walking distancea cinco minutos a pie
a short distance awaybastante cerca
some distance awaybastante lejos
to keep somebody at a distanceguardar las distancias con alguien
to keep one's distancemantener las distancias
at this distance in time…después de tanto tiempo…
to go the distanceaguantar todos los asaltos
distance learningeducación a distancia
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to distance oneself from somebody/somethingdistanciarse de alguien/algo
distance [ˈdɪstəns]
1 (in space) distancia (f)
the distance between the houses
what distance is it from here to London? ¿qué distancia hay de aquí a Londres?
at this distance we should be able to cover the distance in 2 hours
we followed them at a distance les seguimos a distancia
at a distance of two metres a dos metros de distancia; I can't see her face at this distance a esta distancia no puedo ver su cara
within easy distance (of sth) a poca distancia (de algo); no muy lejos (de algo)
the hotel is a fair distance from the airport el hotel está bastante lejos del aeropuerto
from a distance desde lejos
from a distance you look like your mother desde lejos te pareces a tu madre; he had no choice but to admire her from a distance no podía hacer otra cosa más que admirarla desde lejos
to go the distance (Dep) llegar hasta el final
a lot of people start the course with enthusiasm but are unable to go the distance muchos empiezan el curso con entusiasmo pero son incapaces de completarlo
it's a good distance (from here) está muy or bastante lejos (de aquí)
to be within hearing distance estar al alcance de la voz
in the distance a lo lejos
in the near distance a poca distancia; in the middle distance en segundo término; in the far distance muy a lo lejos; en la lejanía
to keep one's distance mantenerse a distancia; guardar las distancias
keep your distance! ¡mantén la distancia!; to keep sb at a distance guardar las distancias con algn
he can't walk long distances yet aún no puede andar largas distancias
it's no distance está cerquísima; está a nada de aquí
it's only a short distance away está a poca distancia; está bastante cerca
stopping distance (Aut) distancia (f) de parada
to be within striking distance of sth estar muy cerca de algo; estar a un paso or dos pasos de algo
a country house within striking distance of London he was within striking distance of his first win of the year it was a good club and within striking distance of home they are fourth in the First Division and within striking distance of leaders Manchester United If you start your holiday at Cherbourg, remember that Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah are beaches in striking distance
it is within walking distance se puede ir andando
we continued shouting goodbye until he was no longer within hearing distance the question is, will Frank Bruno be able to go the distance in a fight against Mike Tyson? Or will he get knocked out in the first round? the Dutch runner started out well but he was unable to go the distance, and dropped into tenth place in the final lap many runners took part in the London marathon but few were able to go the distance (and actually complete the race)
2 (in time)
at a distance of 400 years después de 400 años; at this distance in time después de tanto tiempo
transitive verb
to distance o.s. (from problems, situations etc) distanciarse;from sth de algo;
distancing oneself from others is sometimes necessary sometimes you need to distance yourself from the situation, or you will get too drawn into it a counsellor must be able to listen, and at the same time distance him/herself from the other person's problems
distance learning (n) enseñanza (f) a distancia; enseñanza (f) por correspondencia
distance race (n) carrera (f) de larga distancia
distance runner (n) corredoracorredora (m) (f) de fondo;a corredora
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