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1. muestra (f) (of goods); exposición (f) (of handicrafts, paintings)
  • on display expuesto(a)
  • display cabinet vitrina (f)
  • display copy ejemplar (m) de muestra (of book)
  • display window escaparate (m) , vidriera (f) (Am), vitrina (f) (español de Chile, español de Colombia, español de México)
2. demostración (f) (of emotion, technique); exhibición (f) (of sport)
  • a fireworks display un festival or castillo de fuegos artificiales
3. pantalla (f) (informática)
transitive verb
4. disponer (goods); mostrar (on sign, screen)
5. demostrar, mostrar (emotion, talent, ignorance)
display [dɪsˈpleɪ]
1 (act of displaying) [of merchandise] exposición (f); (in gallery, museum) exposición (f); exhibición (f)
boxes of glassware waiting to be unpacked for display
[of emotion, interest] manifestación (f); demostración (f); [of force] despliegue (m)
to be on display estar expuesto
she was not given to public displays of emotion/affection it was an astonishing display of courage on his part he apologized for his display of temper any display of interest on their part only served to encourage him
2 (array) [of merchandise] muestrario (m); surtido (m); (in gallery, museum) exposición (f)
an eyecatching display of fruit and vegetables
this is one of the most comprehensive displays of her work this century
window display (in shop) escaparate (m)
the garden was a wonderful display of colour
3 (show) (Mil) exhibición (f); demostración (f)
a display of aerobatics by the Red Arrows
a firework(s) display fuegos (m) artificiales
4 (ostentation)
the party made a display of unity el partido se esforzó en dar una imagen de unidad
he made a great display of looking at his watch
5 (Comput) (act) visualización (f)
transitive verb
1 (put on view) [+goods, painting, exhibit] exponer; exhibir; [+notice, results] exponer; hacer público
the photograph was prominently displayed on the mantelpiece
2 (show) [+emotion, ignorance] mostrar; manifestar
don't display your ignorance! he displayed no emotion as the sentence was read out he displays no concern for their wellbeing
[+courage] demostrar; hacer gala de
he displayed all the symptoms of the jealous husband
3 (show ostentatiously) [+one's knowledge] alardear de; hacer alarde de
4 (Comput) desplegar; visualizar
display advertising (n) (Press) pancartas (f) publicitarias; publicidad (f) gráfica
display case (n) vitrina (f)
display screen display unit (n) (Comput) monitor (m)
display window (n) escaparate (m)


masculine noun
1. display (computing)
Verb Conjugations for mostrar
Gerund: mostrando
Participle: mostrado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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