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to hide, to cover up

"disimular" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to hide, to conceal
intransitive verb
2. to pretend
  • lo disimulas muy mal -> you're not very good at hiding it

disimular [de-see-moo-lar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To dissemble, to conceal one’s real intentions.
2. To cloak, to conceal artfully any bent of the mind.
3. To hide.
4. To tolerate, to allow so as not to hinder, to overlook, to let pass.
  • Disimula mi atrevimiento -> forgive me if I have been too bold
5. To color, to misrepresent.

1 [+emoción, alegría, tristeza] to hide; conceal
no pudo disimular lo que sentía he couldn't hide o conceal what he felt
no puedo disimular mi alegría intentaba disimular su emoción no logró disimular sus lágrimas es rica, pero lo disimula muy bien
2 [+defecto, roto] to cover up; hide; [+sabor, olor] to hide
disimuló la mancha con un poco de pintura she covered up o hid the mark with a bit of paint
una crema para disimular las arrugas un producto para disimular cicatrices disimuló la ventana rota con un cuadro intentó disimular su embarazo con ropas anchas echó ambientador para disimular el olor a tabaco
3 (perdonar) to excuse
(fingir) to pretend
lo sé todo, así que no disimules I know everything so don't bother pretending
me has golpeado tú, no disimules
has sido tú, no disimules it was you, don't pretend it wasn't; ahí está Juan: disimula there's Juan: pretend you haven't seen him

Verb Conjugations for "disimular" (go to to hide, to cover up)


yo disimulo disimulé disimulaba disimularía disimularé
disimulas disimulaste disimulabas disimularías disimularás
él/ella/Ud. disimula disimuló disimulaba disimularía disimulará
nosotros disimulamos disimulamos disimulábamos disimularíamos disimularemos
vosotros disimuláis disimulasteis disimulabais disimularíais disimularéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. disimulan disimularon disimulaban disimularían disimularán
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