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dishes is the plural form of dish.
1. fuente (f) (bowl) (for serving); cazuela (f) (for cooking); plato (m) (food)
  • dishes platos mpl (crockery)
  • to do the dishes lavar los platos, fregar los cacharros
  • dish liquid or soap lavavajillas m inv (Estados Unidos)
  • dish towel (detergente) trapo (m) or paño (m) de cocina
transitive verb
2. (familiar)
  • to dish the dirt (on somebody) sacar los trapos sucios (de alguien), sacar los trapitos al sol (de alguien) (RP)
dish [dɪʃ]
1 (plate) plato (m); (serving dish) fuente (f); (food) plato (m); platillo (m); (Méx)
to wash or do the dishes fregar los platos; a typical Spanish dish un plato típico español
2 (TV) antena (f) parabólica; (Astron) reflector (m)
3 (girl, boy) bombón (informal) (m)
transitive verb
[+hopes, chances] desbaratar
that's dished their chances of winning the cup
dish aerial (Britain)dish antenna (US) (n) antena (f) parabólica
dish soap (n) (US) lavavajillas (m)
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