1. (causing disgust) 
a. asqueroso 
The salad looked good but it ended up being disgusting.La ensalada no parecía nada mal, pero estaba asquerosa.
There was a disgusting smell in the bathroom.Había un olor repugnante en el baño.
2. (disgraceful) 
I think it's disgusting, the way he was treated.Me parece vergonzosa la forma en que lo trataron.
1. (revolting) 
a. asqueroso(a), repugnante 
2. (disgraceful) 
a. vergonzoso(a) 
disgusting [dɪsˈɡʌstɪŋ]
1 (revolting) [+habit, taste, smell, food, place] asqueroso; repugnante; [+person] repugnante
you're disgusting me das asco; eres repugnante; the kitchen is in a disgusting mess la cocina está que da asco; la cocina está asquerosa; how disgusting! ¡qué asco!; it looks disgusting tiene una pinta asquerosa; it smells disgusting tiene un olor asqueroso or repugnante; huele que da asco; it tastes disgusting tiene un sabor asqueroso or repugnante
2 (obscene) [+book, film, photo] repugnante; asqueroso; [+language] indecente; cochino (informal)
"You can't use disgusting language like that in here, young lady," he said
3 (disgraceful) [+attitude, behaviour, manners] vergonzoso
she returned the book in a disgusting condition devolvió el libro en un estado vergonzoso
he has a disgusting temper it's absolutely disgusting the way taxes keep going up where did they pick up such disgusting manners? I think it's disgusting how much money they've got I think it's disgusting that we have to pay for our own lunch
4 (terrible) [+weather] asqueroso; de perros (informal)
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